Learning To Drive and Getting My First Car

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A week and a half ago Justin (my boyfriend) and I had a particular conversation for possibly the thirtieth time since we've been together- Should I learn how to drive? I have the money available, I have the determination, so why not? A day later I booked my theory test and ten driving lessons with a wonderful instructor whom I've known for many years of my life. The instructor happens to be the same person who taught my brother how to drive, and he has highly recommended him to me. My first lesson isn't until Monday. I'm super excited to get behind the wheel for the first time ever, but also a little nervous about figuring out the coordination between gears, clutch, accelerating, braking, and paying attention to the road around me. I'm sure I'll be okay with it, I suppose it takes everyone a little while to get the hang of it at first. I've never been behind the wheel of anything before, so this is a completely blank canvas for me!
I have been studying hard for my theory test, and am feeling confident I'll be able to do it. I'm achieving high percentages and passing most of my mock tests. I have no reason to be worried, so I shouldn't panic during the real exam. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed tightly! I still have a couple of weeks to get more practice in for my theory test, and I'm taking mock tests in literally every spare minute I have.
When I decided I was going to learn how to drive, Justin said he would purchase me my first car, but we wouldn't rush into anything as I won't be able to drive my own car until I've had a few lessons with an instructor. Well, guess who bought me my first car only four days later!
My dad has been going to a car auction every week as he is looking for a new motor, and Justin has been joining him and loves seeing all the cars going through for bargain prices. When looking at the upcoming cars for that week he noticed a particular car that he liked the look of, and even the number plate stood out to us both. We did some insurance checks and it all seemed good- as long as it went for the right price and seemed in good condition.
The night of the auction Justin came home and seemed a little odd. He was distant with me, not telling me about anything that had gone through the auction like he usually would. I eventually sat down and he passed me the auction sheet to look at what sold and for how much. I asked him about a few different cars and he explained they were too much or in bad condition. Then I reached this one particular car that we said we wanted if it went for the right price.
I had a bit of a moan at him "Why didn't you get it if it sold that cheap?" "What was wrong with it?!" he shrugged at me but looked shifty. Then he blurted out "That's because it's yours!"
I thought he was joking at first, I was so excited and couldn't believe it.
The next day we collected my first car and I fell totally in love with it, it's such a gorgeous colour and a really nice car. Fair enough it was dirty, but nothing a full valet couldn't fix.
I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel of my own little car!
Here is a picture of my little orange Fiat Grande Punto (yes, it's orange! It looks a bit red in the pictures though)
It needed a couple of things buying for it- a new washer pump, some mats, paint touch up, stain remover for the seats. All really cheap things and none of them an issue.
I do highly recommend the stain remover I used. It was called CarPlan Stain Valet and it comes in a can with a brush attached to the top. My passenger seat had a huge ground-in stain on it, but after a thorough scrub with this stain remover, it came right off! The seats look brand new after one go-over with this product. The can was 300ml for £4 and after doing all of my seats there was still over half a can left.

It has always been my dream to learn how to drive, but something has kept me from doing it. Mainly that I've never had enough money aside to learn to drive and buy a car. I'm so glad I finally have a man in my life who helps me chase my dreams and does everything in his power to make them a reality. I have my car- now it's all up to me to learn to drive and pass those tests!

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  1. Good luck with your driving! I passed my theory on tuesday and then went out and got a citroen ds3, I was too excited to stop myself and I get that on tuesday as well, Your theory is so much easier than you think as well, the majority of the questions I did on the mocks were the same as what came up on the theory, I recommend the DVSA app! x