Monthly Competition Wins

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I decided I would enter a few competitions here and there over the last month, and it seems to have paid off as I've won a couple of really nice things! I enjoy spending a little time each day entering a few comps on facebook, twitter, blogs, and other websites. It doesn't take much to do as long as you have an email address, phone number, facebook, twitter, and other social media's in order to enter. Here are some of the things I've won so far since December:

£20 Halfords Voucher (Castrol UK on Facebook)
I won this in a little competition over on Castrol UK's Facebook page where they posted a picture with loads of tiny cartoon cars & you had to guess or count the number of cars in the picture. I was one of a number of people who guessed correctly and won £20 to spend at Halfords. I did look in my local store and couldn't find anything I wanted, so I've given this one to my dad.

Pugs & Kisses Mug (My Lovely Stuff UK)

As many people in my life know, I adore pugs with a passion, so this is a gorgeous little win for me! It is a bone china cappuccino mug and saucer. I'm not so big on coffee, so I'll be using this for my hot chocolates and mochas.

Ted Baker Gift Set (iwon-iwon)

This is a lovely set for men, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to let my boyfriend have this or give it to someone as a gift for Christmas. I'll let him have a smell of it and see if he likes it before deciding. This was actually my first win in December and I was so excited when it arrived, I'm not normally very lucky with competitions.

Totes Slippers & Bed Socks (Willow Lane Blog) 
With the weather getting colder by the day I was pleased to find out I'd won some warm slippers and fluffy socks. I got a choice of size- small, medium, or large for the slippers. I have fairly big feet so I opted for a large, which fits size 7-8. The prize is worth nearly £30 and I love it so much! I think this is probably my favourite win so far, especially as I needed some new fluffy socks.

Christmas Card (Katzenworld)

Anchor Trumpety Elephant (Unknown)
I actually have no idea where this one came from! I don't remember entering to win one of these, and I've never entered an Anchor competition, but it's really cute so I'm happy to have it. For anyone who's seen the advert you'll know how irritating this little cutie can be, because it makes the noise from the ad! 

I have also won a Billy Connolly High Horse Tour DVD from Flickering Myth and 10 free cards with free P&P from Choosey worth nearly £40.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my wins from the past month. I've not been so lucky this month yet. I think my luck was mainly over the Christmas period with there being so many competitions going on! Do you like entering competitions? Let me know what you've won in the comments!


  1. That pug mug is the cutest thing ever! x

  2. I love the slippers, they look so warm! I'm so jealous you won the Anchor elephant though, I love him! Xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. you did well! I hope you keep posting all the new things you win!

  4. Do you want to sell your Anchor elephant?