My New Year Plans- Let's Make it the Best Year Ever!

16:07 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

When it gets to a new year I tend to make resolutions, but never think too much about my plans for the year and things I would like to achieve. I think it is important to make plans and aims in order to stay positive and happy in life. I never make yearly plans or aims which causes me to let life pass me by. I live day by day without aiming for anything and it becomes very boring. So this year I thought it would be a nice idea to make plans for the year. This way I can aim for things to do and try hard at life to achieve that.

1. Write A Story
I have always loved writing since being younger, and took it up properly when I was about 14 until I was about 17. I attempted to write full stories before, but I struggle with the fact that I think of a whole story- beginning, middle, and end- but can't ever fill in the rest to bulk it out into an interesting story. I have started writing a new story over this week and decided the best way to go about it is to think of a general plot I would like to follow, then write the story in small steps. Take each chapter as it comes- and possibly publish each chapter onto Wattpad to separate it out a little. I've started stories before but I have never in my life finished one. That is why it's going to be my aim this year to write one from start to finish. I intend to finish a story, then learn from what I have done- and start again by writing more. It will take practice, but I'm confident I will be able to achieve it.

2. Take a Photography Course
One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to improve my photography knowledge. So far I have found a wonderful website with helpful videos and I've learned the basics of composure, but there is so much more I need to learn. I learn better in practice, rather than reading- which is why I feel that some sort of photography course would benefit me. My local college usually does a little course which only lasts a couple of days, but can help with all the basics I need to know. I've looked at online courses, but because I am a kinesthetic learner (this means I learn better by doing things) it would be best for me to do a physical course rather than digital.

3. Purchase a New Camera
My current camera is a really nice one, it's the Sony a5000, which takes some lovely photographs. However, it is limited. I aim to purchase a new camera this year so I have more settings to play with to make creative photographs. The quality of my current camera is fab, but it struggles in low light, so getting one which can work in low light will be beneficial. I also vlog on my YouTube channel and would like a new camera to vlog with.

4. Book Tickets to an Event
There are so many events I would like to go to, and I keep saying 'I will go one day', but life is all about living it to the fullest. I probably won't be able to go to an event this year, because many events sell tickets a year in advance, but I would love to book tickets at some point this year for an event next year. I'm not sure what it will be though, as there are so many I would like to go to. There are concerts, as well as Comic Conventions, YouTube conventions, Gaming conventions, Gadget Show Live, and more I would like to go to. Money can be a little bit of an issue as I will have to pay for travel as well as the tickets, and even accommodation depending on what the event is. Due to this I will aim to book tickets this year to one event.

5. Improve my health
there are many ways I can improve my health- and I don't mean just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I would like to start exercising more this year and taking part in more sports, but to do this I will have to change my mentality too. I am a very lazy person and can't be bothered with many things. So I need to focus on how I'm thinking, and get out of my lazy habits. Also since I finished college I haven't been learning very much, so I would like to learn more things and refresh my memory on others. I feel like my brain has been a little idle due to not learning very much anymore and I would like to change this by learning more this year. I hope to improve things like maths, writing, photography, drawing, and more. The only way I can do this is to study and learn and take in new information about all these things. By putting all these things together I aim to improve my overall health and mentality.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and would love to do an update at the beginning of next year to see if I managed these goals.