Top 10 Toys From My Childhood

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As it is almost Christmas I have been thinking back to the things that I'd received as a child which got me onto a train of thought about my favourite toys from my childhood. The 90s seemed to have the best toys around in my opinion- they weren't all about technology. It was a time when we didn't have smartphones and the quality of gaming that the Next Gen consoles offer was thought of as crazy and impossible. Back in the 90s kids were all about their toys and didn't spend all their lives in front of a television which meant the toys had to be entertaining. So here are my top 10 toys.

10. Marbles
This one is a very simple toy which has been around since around the 1800's, so it is hardly something that 'only 90s kids will remember'. They have been enjoyed by generations and many games have been invented by children's endless hours of fun. I had my own set of marbles when I was younger and I only ever played the game 'marbles' about three times. I had a fairly vivid imagination which meant that when playing with my marbles I used to imagine them as people. The big marble would be the leader, and the little ones all his children. I would play for hours on end like this- who would have thought playing with glass balls would be so much fun!

9. Barbie
Barbie is one of those toys which has influenced many generations. I went through a Barbie phase where I collected a few dolls and some clothes. I would play with them for hours on end as a young girl. At the point in time I remember, I didn't have a 'Ken' doll (Ken was Barbie's boyfriend), but my brother had an Action Man, so he became my Barbie's boyfriend. It sounds so silly, but as a little kid it was so much fun to play happy families with dolls.

8. Pokemon Cards
I think most people will know what Pokemon Trading Cards are as they took the world by storm in the 1990's-2000's. They were a playground favourite at my school along with every other school around the country. I remember my mum had bought some packs for playing the game with, which we hardly did. She wouldn't let me have the brand new cards for trading, but I still managed to end up with a huge stack of cards. It started when a friend gave me some cards, and through trading I ended up with so many I couldn't take them all to school. I also had one point where I found a small stack of them in the playground that someone had dropped, and after failing to find the owner of them I opted to keep them (as you do at that age). This helped me get my one and only shiny card, Muk. After Pokemon there was a short phase of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards making the rounds in the playground- but at my school these fizzled out very quickly.

7. Pogs/Tazos
When I was at primary school it was the most magical of times when cereal and packs of crisps came with surprises inside. I used to love opening a new box of cereal and digging around to find the toy inside, something that todays kids are deprived of due to new laws on toys being inside food. I used to have Walkers crisps with my lunch every day at school, and Walkers bought out something called 'Tazos' which are very similar to Pogs. Loony Tunes, Star Wars, and Pokemon were the main ones I remember. I never used to play the games with them, but I loved collecting them and building with them as they had 8 little slits around the outside.

6. Playmobil
This is one of those things that simply never gets old. They have been around since 1975 and children around the world have enjoyed them ever since. I personally never collected Playmobil, but I remember my brother had a large collection and I used to love playing with them- especially his large aeroplane and pirate ship. They are the sort of toys that are sturdy and hardly ever break. I think a mixture of their strength and their ability to make any set they like is why they have been so successful. Although Playmobil is very expensive (and always has been quite pricy) it's great to see the new generation of kids loving it as much as I did.

5.  Sega Game Gear
The Game Gear was a handheld console released in 1992. It came with a limited number of games and the games themselves were very simple, but at the time it was the new technology which made people very excited. The console itself had a really bad battery life and so I remember sitting near my bedroom door for hours whilst playing Sonic, Tetris, and more classic games. Another issue with it was that it would get extremely warm after playing for a long period of time. I sometimes wish I still had the Game Gear as it left such a huge mark on my childhood.

4. VTECH Computer
I used to have a Vtech computer when I was younger, but I don't remember much about mine. I remember that my brother got a really nice silver Vtech laptop and it was amazing. I loved it so much and I borrowed it from him on a regular basis and would play the games for hours on end. The thing I love about it is that the games were all educational and taught different things such as science, maths, english, and more.

3. My Little Pony
No, I'm not talking about the new version, but the classic version. I remember on the biggest year for My Little Pony I had a birthday party, and 90% of the presents from friends were these classic figures. I had so many duplicates, but I loved My Little Pony so much I didn't care. As well as these figures I remember there was a PC game where you had to get ready for the Friendship Ball. It was such a fun game where you could choose hairstyles, create fabulous cakes, make up dance moves, and more. I played this game for many hours time on my Grandma's computer and the game left such an impact on my life that I remember it vividly to this day.

2. Lord Of The Rings Figures
This may seem a little bit of a strange one to some of you reading this, but I used to adore my Lord of the Rings figures. My brother bought a set which came with Aragorn and Legolas in, and he kindly let me have Legolas to play with, whilst he had Aragorn. After a while they both got a little bit fragile, and one day we were playing in the garden and throwing Legolas up and down in a bed sheet when unfortunately he became... Legless. One of his legs came off and we were both upset, however this didn't stop us from our fun. After the Legolas Legless incident, my brother took Legolas whilst I ended up with Aragorn. We still played with them and loved spending time as siblings with these toys. My brother bought another set (the exact one pictured actually) and the fun continued with WK (which was short for Witch King), Aragorn 2 (Because we already had one of him), and more. We still both played together with these pictures into our early teens. I still have Aragorn in a drawer at home, and he is very fragile and tatty after so many years of playing. His nose is now a black mark as it has worn away, his clothing on the bottom half fell off, and his legs are very fragile.

1. TY Beanie Babies
Beanie babies were by far my favourite childhood toys, which is why it's sat here at number one. I collected so many of them, and actually still have a load in my old cupboard in my parent's house. My favourites to collect were the animals such as cats, and the bears. I had a large collection, and whenever I went anywhere I would always spend ages looking at the ranges. My grandma had even bought a Beanie Babies magazine and I would go through it over and over looking for the ones I wanted next in my collection. Of course I never got all the ones I wanted, and Beanie Babies unfortunately died out eventually. I do wish they would bring back Beanie Babies like the classic ones as I would still collect them.

Let me know which of these toys you had in your childhood and what else I haven't included in this list that you also had. I am really interested to know what you all enjoyed playing with as children.