The Mallard Doncaster Hungry Horse (Inside Frenchgate Shopping Centre) Review

16:34 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

On Sunday my partner, Daniel, and I decided we would book some last minute train tickets to Doncaster as it was somewhere we had never been before. After a brief call-in at their train station last weekend when we went to Manchester, we thought the place looked lovely and so we went to Doncaster for a day trip on Monday 7th December. I remember looking online through the list of stores and food establishments within the Frenchgate Shopping Centre, and I must say, I was surprised to see Hungry Horse on the list. I had never seen a pub inside a shopping centre before, and from the outside the pub looks absolutely gorgeous and modern with a glass front. The strange part is that as soon as you step inside it feels like any other cosy pub atmosphere. You wouldn't even know you were in a bustling shopping centre.
I have only visited a Hungry Horse pub once, and it was almost a year ago now, but the one time I did eat there I enjoyed it, which is what tempted me towards having it again. Since I last went some new menu items have been added, and there was so much choice that we sat for a long time deciding what we were going to eat.
Daniel chose to have the 'Gigantic Gammon' which consisted of three 5oz gammon steaks, a free range egg, a pineapple ring, chips, peas, half a grilled tomato, and onion rings. This meal cost £8.49, which is an absolute bargain considering the amount of food the meal contained. I had a taste of Daniel's gammon and it was delicious. It had a succulent smoky grilled flavour and was so soft that there wasn't much need for a steak knife.
The meal I originally wanted to order was the Monster Yorkshire Pudding, but they didn't have any in stock so I ended up going for the British Beef & Ale Pie. I was also tempted by the burger, but I'd had a burger on a day out on Saturday, so I didn't want one again so soon since I have only recently began liking burgers. I couldn't fault anything with this meal. There were large chunks of beef in a rich gravy and the crust was cooked to perfection. The chips were gorgeous as they were golden and fluffy, and I even enjoyed the peas. For me it is a meal I would definitely have again, but next time I am determined I'm going to have a monster yorkshire pudding meal instead as that's what I had my heart set on trying in the first place. The pie I had only cost £6.99 and it was in a deal for 2 meals for £8.99. They also have offers for each day of the week e.g. Monday is kids eat for £1, and they have other offers which I couldn't remember so you will have to check at the pub to see which day has which offer.
Along with all the food we ordered, we went for a side of Spiral Fries. Most places have seasoned spiral fries, but here they were completely unique. They were like normal fries, spiralled, and they tasted so much better than fries. They accompanied both meals well and were the extra little taster to top off the meals.
The only downside to the pub were the drinks. We ordered 2 cokes and got glass bottles which weren't cold and we were charged about the same amount of money as a pint (even though the bottles were only 330ml). It didn't affect the meals at all, and wouldn't put me off going back, but I simply feel it was a shame that we didn't get a pint of cold cola.
I will definitely be visiting Hungry Horse pubs again as both my experiences have been fantastic, I simply wish there were one closer to my hometown, Grantham.