My Pet Hamster, Kiwi. Progress From The Day I Took Her Home To Now

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I got my pet hamster, Kiwi on the day of Halloween (31st October 2015) and since then it has been a lovely story of ups and downs as she has grown up. I may have only had her just over a month now, but she is most certainly a part of the family now.
This photo is of the day I bought her home. I had been planning for a while to get a hamster during Vlogmas, and so I had already purchased all the necessary things e.g. cage, sawdust, bowls, etc. We had taken a trip to Pets at Home in Newark to have a look around and took a look at the Russian Hamsters. We fell completely in love with the inquisitive little faces and decided that it was the right time to get a hamster. We spent a little while looking at them all and decided upon this one. We hadn't thought of a name for her at first, but a day later we decided to call her Kiwi.
We had a little bit of a rough start with her as she was completely terrified. Every time she saw anyone she would run and hide, and she would squeak a lot.
To start with she hated being picked up. She was very friendly and would happily walk straight onto my hand, but wouldn't allow me to pick her up myself. I tried picking her up twice a day every day and it has now paid off as I pick her up every day without having  to take her cage apart. She has taken more training than my previous hamsters, but it has been very rewarding to see her progress.
She is a very cheeky hamster and is unique. She does occasionally still squeak when I wake her up from her house, but she isn't scared whatsoever. You may notice from this image that she has a little cut on her ear. This has been there since the day we got her and I think its another little thing that makes her so unique.
She is a very cute and photogenic little hamster. Although it is rare to see her sitting still for more than 2 seconds. Whenever anyone approaches her cage she always climbs up the side of the bars hoping for someone to give her a treat.
 I love to get her out of her cage and handle her, I do this over 3 times a day now and let her explore and run around my legs, but recently she has gotten into a strange habit of emptying her cheek pouches all over my hands and the sofa, which ends up with food absolutely everywhere.

Only this week, Kiwi has gotten herself into another strange habit- this one is where she has decided to fill her tube with fluff and sleep inside it- although this can be annoying as every time we pass her cage it wakes her up and she gets grumpy because of it.

I would suggest if anyone has gotten a new hamster and is worried about their behaviour to keep on with the training and it will eventually pay off. If you have any further worries it can always help to seek the advise of a vet or even employees at Pets At Home.
If you have any hamster related questions feel free to comment below and I will get back to you.

If you want to see more of Kiwi, feel free to follow her Instagram Account

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  1. Hello Lovely, Kiwi Is Adorable!. I have a passion for Dwarf Hamsters & have had 4 previous hamsters & one now. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but please throw out all the fluffy bedding, there have been so many hamsters & other small animals that have got the fluff caught round their paws & have lost feet & legs. There has been so many petitions to try & get the pet shops to not stock it any more but all have failed so far. What I am many other people use is lots & lots of toilet roll ripped up it's very funny watching the hammy run around with bits making a nest :).