Day Trip to Springfields and Baytree Garden Centre, and Best Meal of My Life At The Fortescue Arms

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Over the weekend my parents, my partner, and I went for a little trip to the Springfields Shopping Village and Baytree Garden Centre near Spalding. We were there for some last minute Christmas shopping and were surprised to find it wasn't very busy at either location. The last time we went to both these places was back at the end of February, so almost a year ago now, and Springfields seems to have changed a little since then. As with most places, new shops had appeared and old shops had vanished, but this didn't seem to be a bad thing.
The first place we went into was this cute little shop called 'Tech & Toys'. It had a fantastic range of products for such low prices, so we couldn't leave without purchasing a couple of items. If I am completely honest, I could have spent hundreds of pounds in that store if I had the money. We ended up purchasing two miniature hovercrafts and a large Block Tech Train kit.
The next place we went to (and spent too much money at) was Peggy Anne's The Sweet Emporium where they had a huge range of pick & mix, american candy, handmade treats, and more. We purchased some American candy to do in one of our World Food Wednesday videos over on our channel, AspectReviews. The selection available is better than I have ever seen in a sweet shop. The prices were a little bit expensive on a few things, considering the prices of similar items elsewhere. But we haven't seen the items we bought anywhere else which is why we didn't mind paying a small premium to have them. We also had a slushie from this shop, and it tasted fantastic- there was so much flavour to it that I felt it was better than a Skegness slushie (and that's saying something!)
We also went into the garden centre that is at Springfields, and I took some shots of the christmas section. I hope you enjoy these.

We then went for a walk around Baytree Garden Centre, which is only 5 minutes down the road. I only managed to get one picture there because I was enjoying myself so much. They have a huge pet section there and I was too busy cooing over the animals and purchasing my hamster, Kiwi, some new items for her play pen. However I did manage to snap this picture of a tiny little field-mouse. They had a tank there with some of the little critters in there and they were so cute and tiny. As a lover of little rodents I wish I could have some for myself as pets.

On the way home back to Grantham, we were all very hungry and couldn't find anywhere to eat, so we decided to call into the first pub that took our fancy, which ended up being a quaint little pub called The Fortescue Arms. The place was oddly completely empty and the only people there were the members of staff. 
 The main meals average at about £10 per person, which is actually a completely reasonable price considering how much you are served, and how incredibly tasty the food is.

 The meal I chose to have was Cottage Pie, which is one of my favourite pub meals ever, but most pubs don't serve it anymore. If you look at the plate it doesn't look like much food, but the portion was actually huge. As well as this we were given two dishes full of carrots, broccoli, and cabbage. Then we also got some sort of cheese and onion potatoes which were so gorgeous.

Daniel and my dad both had pie. With their pies you get to choose whether you would like puff pastry or shortcrust. Dad had the steak and ale, and Daniel had the steak and kidney.

By the end of the meal I was in awe. Not only was I full, but I had also enjoyed the meal so much I wished to experience it again. The meal I had here was without a doubt the best meal I have ever had in a pub in my whole life. It was absolutely gorgeous. The cottage pie was rich and flavoursome, and everyone else said their meal was also fantastic. I will be visiting here again as soon as I can since I am already craving more of their food. The way I see it, you are paying a little bit more than a normal pub meal and getting what is clearly homemade food which tastes better than anything i've ever had before. For anyone who wants to visit this pub it is located in billingborough.