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As a YouTube vlogger I have recently been looking for a new tripod to hold my camera on whilst vlogging. There were a few requirements for me e.g. it had to be lightweight, not too bulky, and strong enough to hold my Sony a5000. I spent hours scrolling through page after page on Amazon UK and simply couldn't find anything that fit the bill. I decided I would settle for one that was cheap, but not quite what I wanted. However, I completely forgot to purchase that one and I feel it's for good reason, as I have now had the opportunity to purchase and review the brand new YouTube Club Tripod.
Veena V is the brilliant woman behind the YT Club Tripod, and incredibly she came up with the idea only 3 months ago and now has a fantastic product to show for it.
I personally feel that there has been a gap in the market for a more versatile tripod which can bend and flex, as the ones I found available already were all either too bulky or not large enough to carry my camera. Veena's tripod has the opportunity to fill this gap in the market, and without a doubt I think it will successfully do so. Not only is this tripod for use with cameras, but it also comes with a universal mount for smartphones to attach to the top.
For the purpose of my photos I have used my old Canon IXUS 132 to show you a camera in use on the tripod, but it fits my Sony a5000 perfectly and has no problems holding the heavier camera up.
The tripod itself is very stylish and appealing to the eye in my opinion. It is lightweight, the perfect size for my needs, and I am very impressed with the clip-on part at the top which can be taken off so I don't have to unscrew my camera every time to take it off. As the legs are bendable I found them perfect for resting on any surface- even a rugged stone. It means that wherever you are this tripod will hold your camera straight for you to get the perfect video or photo at the right moment. 
I also tested it by attaching it to a tree branch- as attaching it to a tree can help get some fab video and photo shots from a completely different perspective. The tripod had no problems at all holding on tightly to the tree branch. The wind was quite harsh on this day, but the tripod held strongly onto the swaying branch. I had complete confidence that my camera was safe- which is one of the most important factors with a flexible tripod.
The next place I tested it was on the corner of a bench. Even on a flat surface the strong and flexible legs clung tightly to the bench. The tripod may be small, but it can be attached anywhere to get the perfect height for videos and photos- so there is no need to carry a large bulky tripod around with you on the go. 
The last location I attached it to was a metal hand-rail by the riverside. These rails have a smooth surface, so it felt like a great place to show it's true potential. It had no problem clinging tightly to the rail, which is a bonus for me as I love going down by the riverside to see the ducks, and it will help me get steady photos of the wildlife from completely new angles. 
Finally, I wanted to show you that the sizing of this tripod is perfect for vlogging purposes. It is grippy and just the right width to hold on to with the camera on top. As I keep saying, the tripod itself feels secure with a camera. I have used the tripod for vlogging with my bulky Sony a5000 on top and it still feels just as safe. I would be happy to say that it can hold any size camera without any issues.
Overall, I Enjoyed testing out this tripod and feel that it is perfect for my needs. The only issue I found was that once I had bent it, it took a few minutes to get back straight. This isn't much of a problem, but if you want to get arty shots, then vlog in quick succession you will need to leave yourself a few minutes to re-arrange the tripod into the right place. Either that or you could purchase two of these tripods- one to use as a bendy tripod for your arty shots and the other to keep straight at all times.

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for reviewing the YT CLUB Tripod. What a fantastic, indepth and honest review. Wishing you so much success for your blog and channel. You deserve it x