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After a fairly washed out trip into Nottingham (or rather to the opening of Smyths Toys) My parents, my partner, and I were stuck as to where we were going to eat our lunch, but as we were heading out of Nottingham back home towards Grantham we noticed a pretty looking pub called the Gamston Lock. The outside of the building is fresh and eye-catching from the busy main road, and it has a friendly feel to it which drew us all in and tempted us to try their food.
Upon entering I was greeted by a beautiful interior which I could only describe as modern, but with a touch of a classic feel to it. There is a large rotisserie with chicken cooking inside it right inside the entrance, and the scent of quality food that welcomes you at the door is divine.
When we stepped inside the door we were approached by a friendly member of staff who immediately showed us to a table and asked us what drinks we would like. Once the drinks were ordered we set ourselves upon choosing our meals. My initial thoughts from the outside were that the food would be very expensive, but their food is very fairly priced, and they also have a menu for during the week where certain meals are only £6 each. The meal I chose to have was the 'British Beef and Pedigree Ale Pie' which was a hand-made pie with chunks of beef and a Pedigree Ale gravy with cheddar cheese inside and on top of the pie. This comes served with chips, garden peas, and gravy.
As some of you who have read my blog may know, I pretty much always have beef pies when I eat out at a pub, and some of you may also know that I've not had anything negative to say about any of them so far. This one is included in that statement, but the reason I mention this is because out of all the pies I have ever tasted in my entire life this would rank number 1 by a mile.
This pie was clearly homemade and was unique, which is why it is ranked my number one. I've never had a pie before with cheese inside and on top. The cheese was minimal and subtle throughout the pie which gave it a wonderful flavour that blended perfectly with the Pedigree Ale gravy and large tender chunks of beef. The price of this pie was only £8.65, which I think is a great price to pay for a top quality meal in such a fantastic pub.
My partner, Daniel, went for a burger, and to his glee they offer a 'build your own burger' service where you can choose which burger you want, with the toppings and sauce of your choice. One topping is free, then you pay 80p for each extra topping you wish to add. Daniel opted for a steak burger, with Monterey Jack cheese and Bacon, with Barbecue Sauce. (this cost £9.25 for the burger, plus 80p for the additional topping)
I decided to taste Daniel's burger as I have recently started liking beef burgers, and it was the best burger I have tasted yet. It was chargrilled which gave it a full and rich flavour, and the barbecue sauce with it was gorgeous (I would love to know what sauce they use!) Next time I visit I will be tempted to have the burger for myself as I enjoyed my little taster very much.
I almost never have dessert when I go out to a pub as I am usually so full I can't eat another bite, but since I had been up working since 5am and hadn't had breakfast, this left me room for a pudding. I couldn't resist the sound of the Tutti Fruity Sundae which consists of strawberry, tutti fruity, and vanilla ice cream with skittles, wafers, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream. In all honesty I couldn't even describe the ice cream. It was like a flavour explosion in my mouth which left me wanting more with every bite. The skittles were very hard due to them being with the ice cream, but that didn't bother me as I left them in my mouth for a few seconds to warm up before chewing. I will definitely choose this dessert again next time I visit.
My mum had the Chocolate Orange Stack, which you can just see in the background. I had a try of hers and it was lovely, but I personally preferred my ice cream.
Daniel was so stuffed after his burger that he didn't want dessert, but mum and dad tempted him into having the Cookies and Cream Sundae. He loves Oreos and this lovely looking sundae came crammed with brownies and cream and vanilla ice cream, mini Oreo cookies, wafers, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. I didn't try Daniel's dessert, but he assures me it was lovely. Their sundaes only cost £4.10, which is fantastic considering how much you get and definitely worth it based upon how we all enjoyed them so much.

We all absolutely loved our meals at the Gamston Lock and the pub itself is clean and welcoming. Before we left my parents were talking to a lovely man called Darren who works there, and he was very friendly and up for a chat. I have to say the service they offer at this pub is the best service I've ever had. You would think that the prices would be much more expensive by the way they run the pub, but their prices are level with other pubs around Nottingham. Plus you get the bonus of the beautiful looking building and the amazing table service, rather than having to go up to the bar to order your meals and drinks.
I will definitely be returning to this unique and wonderful pub to have more food in the future.

Feel free to check out their website at:
Here you will find all the information you need about them including their address, phone number, menus, social media, and more.
Plus they have a new menu launching on Wednesday 18th November 2015!

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