The William Foster Pub Lincoln Review | Kelly Pendragon

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On Thursday 10th September Daniel and I went to Lincoln for a quiet day out together. We always like to look around and find a range of places to choose from before we decide where we are eating for dinner, so we spent about 40 minutes looking for the perfect place to eat. The Brayford Wharf had plenty of food places, but they were all very expensive, so we moved along to Guildhall Street and Saltergate where there were a few pubs and cafes. We had chosen one place to eat at to start with (Which wasn't the William Foster) and went inside, but they hardly had any tables, and the ones they did have looked disgusting with graffiti and dirt all over them. So we walked straight out and headed for the best looking one which we had considered as our first choice beforehand. The pub we then went to for lunch was The William Foster.
As we walked inside we were greeted by a pleasant atmosphere as well as pristine clean tables and friendly looking staff. That was definitely the sort of place we were looking for, so we took a seat and looked at the menu.
Their menu itself has a large range of choice and also offers a 2 meals for £8.95 Deal so it makes some of the meals extremely cheap if you eat with someone else. Their 2 for £8.95 has a lovely selection including steak and ale pie, sausage and mash, cheese & bacon burger, bbq hotdog, chicken tikka masala, and more.
(If you would like to see their main menu, click here)
Daniel and I both chose the Hand-Made British Steak & Bombardier Ale Pie, which comes with chips, peas, and gravy.

Even looking back at the photograph of my meal it makes me long to eat it again. The food was very high standard and tasted fantastic. The pie was filled with soft, melt-in-the-mouth chunks of steak and the ale gravy inside the pie was rich and full of flavour. The ale did not overpower the meat either, which is a vital part for me. The pastry was soft throughout, with a light crust to the outside. It was delicious and the pie itself was the best part of the meal. The chips were golden and crisp, as you can see from the image. There isn't too much to say about them apart from the point that they were tasty and cooked to perfection for me. The peas were lovely and fresh which made the whole meal complete. The only other thing to mention about the food is the gravy, which had a great flavour, but was a little runny for my personal preference. I prefer slightly thicker gravy, but they can't cater for everyones preferences at once with pub meals. Because the gravy tasted so lovely the consistency wasn't a problem for me at all. 
We also had a side of Spiral Fries, as they are our favourite. They were crispy and had an exquisite flavour. It seems odd calling Spiral Fries 'exquisite', but these ones completely deserve that title.

For our drinks, we both had standard Coca-Cola. It seems strange reviewing cola as I drink Coca-Cola on a regular basis, but the cola here had a nicer flavour than other colas I have tasted. I suppose with it being from a pump it tastes slightly different wherever you go, but here in particular their Coca-Cola was lovely.
The final point I would like to bring up is customer service, as this can make or break an eating establishment. The members of staff here are the friendliest I have ever come across in a pub. The food arrived quickly and they ensured that we had everything we wanted. They were polite and clearly want everyone to enjoy their time there. This really added to the experience and made us leave feeling completely satisfied and happy with the place we had chosen for our dinner.

If you are interested in visiting The William Foster, then don't forget to Like them on facebook and visit their website for more information including all their menus, information about live sports, and more.