Captain Jack's Bar & Grill Blackpool Review | Kelly Pendragon

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For my partners Birthday I decided that we would go to Blackpool for the day with my family. Daniel and I had never been there before and the day itself was a fantastic experience. When it got to lunch time it was the usual discussion as to wether we would have the traditional chippy from the seaside, or maybe we should have a proper sit-down meal together. Since it was his Birthday, Daniel got the pleasure of choosing the location for dinner and so he chose a place called Captain Jack's.
Captain Jack's is a bar and Grill located in Coral Island, which is an indoor attraction by the seafront and nearby to the Blackpool Tower.
The place itself mainly sells burgers and ribs, which is usually an issue on a day out as I have never liked either of those. However, recently I have been trying my partner's burgers and have started to enjoy the taste of them. So on that day, Captain Jack's had the pleasure of being the first burger I have ever eaten.
The burger I had chosen was a 6oz Beef burger with bacon and cheese- and it comes with a side of fries. The burger itself was absolutely fantastic. It was not only succulent, but had a very nice grilled flavour, which left me longing for more. The fries were fresh and crisp, and the flavour of them was very different to normal fries, they were delicious and complimented the burger perfectly. I enjoyed the meal as a whole and it has definitely converted me to having burgers when I go out for meals in the future.
The prices of the food are pretty decent as well- it came to just over £60 for 5 of us and we had ordered 2 6oz bacon cheese burgers, 2 12oz bacon cheese burgers, 1 cheese burger with pulled pork, and 6 drinks.
I must comment on the staff members as well and credit them for their hard work as they were not only very friendly, but the service was very fast. Drinks were with us almost instantly, and the food only took about 15-20 minutes to be at our tables, which is a very fast time when the food is being cooked fresh.
I want to thank Captain Jack's for making a fantastic day out at Blackpool even more memorable with the great food and wonderful atmosphere of their Bar & Grill.
If you are ever in the area of central Blackpool and are wondering where to eat, head over to Captain Jack's and you will not regret it.
I am planning on keeping this blog going as mostly a food establishment reviews blog, plus a little bit of lifestyle as well. If you know of any food places for me to review in Lincoln please let me know in the comments as I will be going there on Thursday 10th September 2015