The Seagull Brean Sands Somerset Review

10:48 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Over the weekend of the 10th-13th July my family, Daniel, and I went on holiday to Brean Sands. It is no secret that Pontins food is not exactly the best, so we decided to eat out each night. There is a place only 3 minutes walk down the road from the Pontins holiday park called The Seagull and we had eaten there in previous years so decided it would be the best place to eat on our first evening at Brean. The place itself hosts a vibrant, family friendly atmosphere. It has indoor seating and outdoors for those lovely summers evenings. 

 The menu has many different dishes to choose from which means there is something for all tastes. At first glance a few of the meals look rather expensive, but when they arrive at the table you realise that they are those prices for a reason. The portion sizes are very large and extremely filling.

 Daniel chose to have the Bacon Cheese burger with chips. It was a large burger served on a toasted bun with succulent bacon and melted cheese. Not to mention the bucket of chips that came with it. The burger itself was full of flavour and left Daniel wanting more due to it tasting so good.
 We made the silly mistake of ordering a side order of potato wedges, which we clearly didn't  need with the sizes of the meal portion. These were the nicest wedges I have ever eaten. They were lightly crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

I chose to have the steak pie, and got a shock when it arrived. I expected a little slice of pie, but instead I got this large dish filled with tender steak and rich gravy, topped with the freshest puffiest pastry. This was also the nicest pie I have ever eaten. It was delicious and I wish I lived near to Brean so I could have this every week.

Overall, everyone enjoyed their meals and we all were in agreement that we would be coming back. As we were about to leave someone on the next table over had ordered pizzas which also looked fabulous, so we looked through the menu and decided we would come back the next night to have pizzas between us. I got so excited that night that I never took photos of the pizzas. We had one cheese pizza and one meat feast as well as a combo share platter for 4 people. The combo platter was ridiculous! There was so much food there that even 4 people couldn't manage it. It was a fantastic range of food including sweet potato fries, chicken strips, chilli cheese nuggets, potato wedges, and more with a dish of sweet & sour sauce and a dish of barbecue sauce. Both nights the meals were fantastic and I would completely recommend anyone in the area of Brean to head down and try The Seagull. You won't regret it. I hope to return to Brean again another year, and The Seagull will be the first place I head to for my food.
I would give The Seagull a solid 10/10 rating due to their standard of food, friendly service, lovely atmosphere, and value for money.