The Taste Lincoln Oriental Buffet Restaurant Review

14:41 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Yesterday I spent the day in Lincoln with my partner Daniel and my parents, and we decided to eat at The Taste Oriental Buffet for our dinner. Last time we went to Lincoln we had passed this restaurant and it seemed very busy. As we all love oriental food we thought it would be nice to try for the first time.
As soon as we walked in we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who found us a table quickly. We arrived early which meant there weren't many people inside to start with, although by the time we left it was absolutely packed full of people.
Certain drinks like coke and lemonade have free refills, which means you can have as many drinks as you like, simply ask a member of staff for another once you are ready and they will bring another to your table.

When you head over to help yourself to food, you first need a plate or bowl which are cleverly situated underneath the food counter. When you first arrive you get a knife and fork on your table, but they also have them under the counter (as well as spoons) to help yourself to.

They have a large selection of different oriental dishes to choose from. All are kept warm and replaced when needed. There are two sides to walk down and the dishes are labelled so you know what they are.

As well as oriental dishes they also have a section which offers pizza, onion rings, hash browns, chips, spring rolls, cocktail sausages, chicken balls, and more. 

There is also a section near the window where you can help yourself to crackers.

This was Daniel's first dish. Onion rings and chicken balls are his favourite. He really enjoyed everything that he tried and even went back for a second dish before having pudding.

Here was my first dish. In my first dish I tried the fine chow mein noodles which were fantastic and absolutely delicious, in my second dish I tried the thicker noodles, which I personally didn't like as much as the fine noodles. I also tried the sesame prawn toast, chicken nuggets, chicken balls, chips, hash browns, and more. Everything on my plate was completely delicious and I savoured every bite. 

After two plates of food (and help from my mum eating some of it as I had put too much on my plate) I decided to have a very small dessert. The only thing I was interested in was the chocolate fountain. I had two marshmallows with chocolate, and a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate is the nicest I have ever had and the marshmallows were lovely and squishy. I was very impressed with it all. They also had a section the other side where they served jelly, swiss roll, fruit, and other desserts- as well as sushi (since it needs to be kept cold)

Overall, the food I tried was completely delicious and everyone else with me also enjoyed what they had eaten. We enjoyed it so much that by the end of the meal we were talking about when to make our next visit. 
I would rate The Taste Lincoln...
Everything was absolutely perfect, and the members of staff were lovely and kind. I can't wait to visit again.