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Today I thought it would be a nice idea to take part in a picture challenge. This is the sort of challenge that can be done all at once, or in 15 separate blog posts. I've decided to do it all at once so you can learn some new things about me at the same time as seeing some lovely pictures. Feel free to take part in this fun challenge, and if you do it yourself don't forget to leave it in the comments for me to read.

1. Favourite picture of yourself
This is from my recent monthly favourites video. It's not exactly a generic selfie, but I like this picture
2. Favourite picture of your best friend
My best friend is this cheeky chap, who also happens to be the love of my life. I took this photo in Lincoln
3. Favourite picture from summer holidays
This isn't exactly a normal holiday picture, as it is a selfie. But it is from mine and Daniel's first ever holiday together in Skegness. The first picture we took when we arrived at the caravan.
4. Favourite picture from winter holidays
A gorgeous snowy winter morning sunrise from 2013
5. A picture that reminds you of a certain event
The day we bought our gorgeous little hamsters home- Sherlock and Watson. This was back in February 2013. I'm so sad that they have both now passed away, but will always remember and cherish this day.
6. A picture of your favourite meal
Possibly the worst picture ever as I couldn't find a photo i had taken of one, but my favourite meal is roast gammon
7. A picture of your favourite dessert
Ice Lollies are my favourite dessert!

8. A Picture of your favourite bevarage
Slushies are the best- and totally worth going 80 miles for
9. A Picture of your favourite animal
Cats are my favourite animals, closely followed by hamsters then pugs
10. A picture from 3 years ago
A picture from a photo booth in Skegness. I had taken Daniel there for his birthday
11. Picture of your favourite season
Spring is my favourite season. Not too hot, but still has the gorgeous sunshine. Plus baby animals and pretty flowers
12. A picture that makes you feel proud
This picture I took of a peacock butterfly in a field. It ended up being shown in my local newspaper
13. A picture of what you did on your last birthday
The weekend before my birthday I spent the day in Skegness with my brother, my parents and Daniel
14. A picture taken from within a car
This was taken out of the window of my parents hire car when we had gone out for a ride through the countryside
15. The last picture you took of yourself
Daniel and I. This doesn't need any more explanation than that
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a part of my life. I look forward to seeing your versions of this post.


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I loved all the pictures you chose, especially the one of the kitty. So many adorable memes could be made with that! You captured him perfectly. :D

  2. i love the pic of the cat so cute