5 Places to Share Blog Posts & Videos To Grow Your Audience

17:05 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

I have spoken a few times on my blog and YouTube channel about some of the different places to share your blog posts and videos, but recently I have found a few new places to share them which can help grow your audience and bring new people to your channel or blog.

1. Facebook
When people say share your creations on Facebook, you usually think about your own like page and your personal profile, but there are many other places on Facebook that can be of use to people who blog and YouTube. Of course it is important to share on your own like page, so it would be beneficial to set one up if you don't have one. But there are other places to share around the Facebook community.
- Groups: There are many Facebook groups where you can share your content. I would suggest you search for groups relevant to you e.g. blogging, youtube, reviews, mummy bloggers, photography, etc. I will link a few groups that I use so you can start joining them and sharing.
UK Bloggers, YouTube Video Promotion, YouTubers Vloggers 
- Business 'Like' Pages: This may seem like an odd one at first, but it really does help. If you have mentioned or reviewed a product in your video or blog then search for the company and other fan pages of that company on Facebook, then share away on their page. Many of these companies will respond to you and some will occasionally share your content. An example of this would be if I reviewed some Haribo sweets, I would share it with all the Haribo like pages I could find.

2. VK.com
VK is a Russian social networking site similar to Facebook. Not all of the people on there are Russian, and many do in fact speak English. It is great to add plenty of people to make new online friends and then share your content on your page for others to see. I've had many likes and comments on my videos from doing this and have managed to gain a few new subscribers through it. If you are sharing from YouTube there is an option under "share" to share it directly to your VK page.

3. Twitter
Twitter is very similar to Facebook, you have to share on your own Twitter page, but also Tweet to the businesses that are mentioned or reviewed in your content. It may also help if you follow Twitter accounts which retweet you such as UK Bloggers, UK Blogger RT, YouTube Retweets. All you have to do is @ your tweet to them with the link to your video or blog post and most of the time they will retweet within a day or so.

4. StumbleUpon
I'm not sure how much of an affect this has on your views, but for YouTube there is a button to share onto StumbleUpon. I 'like' every video through it and hopefully it is helping to gain more audience. The more different places you share the better.

5. Commenting on other peoples blogs/videos
Find some other YouTubers or Bloggers with content similar to yours and comment/like their content. Many times this will lead to them checking out your page if you do similar things to them. You don't even have to advertise your content as such, simply comment about the things they are talking about. Join in with the community and don't forget to make friends. Making friends will help you to create a nicer atmosphere and greater community on your own blog or youtube.

I hope this has helped- I have tried to be a bit more diverse mentioning different places that not everyone may know about. If you have any different places that you share your content please let me know in the comment section below, as I love to discover new places to create my community.