Nottingham Reviews - Shakeaway, Sizzling Pubs, McDonalds McShaker Fries & Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

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Over the bank holiday weekend I have tried many new things, and my taste buds have been tingling with excitement of the thought of some of these food and drink items. I am almost drooling whilst writing this blog post due to the memories of some of these. I tried all of these items in Nottingham, but each one can be bought at locations around the country so you will be sure to find them somewhere nearby to you. 

Firstly is Daniel's milkshake from Shakeaway. The lovely lady behind the counter had recognised us from one of my previous blog posts which featured Shakeaway and she was so kind. Daniel wanted an Oreo milkshake but didn't want the little Oreos on top, so she suggested he try it with Hersheys Cookies and Cream blended into it. She clearly knew what she was talking about as the milkshake tasted fabulous. The flavours together made the most perfect milkshake combination. I have always been impressed with Shakeaway. Their milkshakes are always thick and full of flavour, not to mention the fact that they have so many different combinations of flavour that you would never get bored of them.  

After the milkshake (which was Daniel's, but I drank half of it) we decided to head out for some dinner. We went to a place called The Bank, which is owned by Sizzling Pubs. We have been there for food before, but they recently had a new menu put into place so it was a must for us to try what they had to offer. The new menu offered some very tempting meals so we sat for over ten minutes contemplating what we would have to eat. Once we had ordered, the service was very fast and the food arrived within 15 minutes.
Daniel opted for the BBQ Pulled Pork Stacker Burger. I don't like burgers, but it looked delicious. He said that he really enjoyed it and would definitely have the burger again, but would swap the fries for curly fries next time. For this size burger it cost £6.59 and for a double it is only £7.59, and both sizes come with a free large drink.
I decided to try the Steak and Guinness Pie which cost £6.99, but did not come with a free drink. The pastry was ever so slightly dry but the flavour made up for that. It was the most tasty pastry I have ever tried, especially as pastry can be a very bland part of the pie. The filling inside was rich and had an incredible taste. The Guinness was not too obvious, simply subtle hints, which is the way I like it. The chips were golden and crispy on the outside, and fluffy inside. The gravy that came with it was also very rich and tasted like a beef gravy. The meal as a whole was fantastic and it felt like the type of pie I would have been served at a high end restaurant for more than double the price.

The final things I tried over the weekend were the McDonalds BBQ McShaker Fries and the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. The fries cost £1.29 for a medium and they come in a large bag with a sachet of BBQ coating to shake over the fries. Simply sprinkle the BBQ onto the fries, look like a moron whilst shaking a bag of fries around, then eat. They actually tasted great, but a regular fries is usually 99p so you are paying 30p for a little sachet of BBQ, which does seem a bit pricey.
The Strawberry Lemonade cost £1.99 and you do get your moneys worth of drink, but I didn't feel the flavour was so great. The lemon was very sweet and artificial tasting. I love anything slushy, but I couldn't manage this. I drank half before the sweetness was too much and I decided it would be best to put the rest in the bin.
Overall, Daniel and I enjoyed trying so many new things over the weekend and we can't wait to try more new products during our future travels. If you have any food or drinks you suggest we try then let me know in the comments below.
I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend.