My Bank Holiday Weekend in Nottingham

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Over the bank holiday weekend Daniel and I decided we would stay over in Nottingham at his dad's place for three days. I didn't vlog the weekend so felt it would be nice to write a blog post to tell you all about the things I got up to.
The first day there was the Saturday and this is when we did a majority of our shopping. After taking our luggage to Daniel's dads place we decided to head into the city for a spot of lunch. Firstly, we went to Forbidden Planet which was completely packed out with people due to it being free comic book day, and the first day to purchase tickets for the Nottingham Comic Con. The store is fairly small and there were so many people crammed into the tiny space. I went in there to buy myself a Sarah Manning Funko Pop Vinyl and spent almost half an hour looking before I found her. When I did find her I had to wait in a 15 minute queue to pay. It was completely worth it though, as I have wanted her for a long time.

After Forbidden Planet we had to go to Shakeaway for Daniel to get himself a milkshake. He decided he would go for one with Oreos and Hersheys Cookies & Cream. After the milkshake break we decided to head out for our lunch, which conveniently was the other side of the Old Market Square where Shakeaway is located. The pub we went to for our meal was called The Bank. I opted for the Steak and Guinness Pie whilst Daniel had the Pulled Pork Stacker Burger.

After lunch we popped out to catch the bus to Toys R Us. We have been having issues with Toys R Us lately as they haven't been stocking many new products for us to review on our YouTube channel, AspectReviews. However, with Monday being Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) they had a stand with free Star Wars Lego. There were instructions to build a Wookie Gunship and the idea is that you build it there, then you get to keep the little gunship for free at the end.
The Toys R Us trip ended fairly quickly as we didn't buy anything, so we then had to get a bus back into the city before catching another bus to West Bridgeford Asda. There weren't any new toys in stock there either, but we went around the rest of the store and managed to find some really strange new Mini Rolls. They were Cola flavour and Banana flavour, which both sounded rather disgusting, but we chose to buy them because they sounded cool to review. Daniel also found a Feasters Pulled Pork Sandwich to review.
CLICK HERE To watch the Mini Rolls Review
CLICK HERE To watch the Pulled Pork Sandwich Review
We then headed back into the city for a walk around Victoria Centre. This led us into HMV where I was looking at their range of Pop! figures, despite knowing that I had spent all my money. I noticed an exclusive E-3PO figure and Daniel forced me to buy it, knowing that we both loved that figure. It is so cute with it's little bobblehead and I'm glad we managed to get it.
CLICK HERE to watch the E-3PO review
The last place we visited in the city was Tesco, where we found some Minions Blind Bags. These looked similar to the Despicable Me ones, but with characters from the Minions movie instead. I scanned the barcode into Amazon and it bought up the product for the Despicable Me 2 Blind bags. We were both confused, but decided to take a risk as I believed they were new.
CLICK HERE To watch the Minions Blind Bag Review
Later that evening Daniel and I took a walk through Radford into Hyson Green where we went into all the international mini-markets and off-licences to purchase many strange surprise eggs. We ended up buying about 25 eggs for our YouTube channel and we can't wait to open them all.

Sunday was more of a family day, apart from a couple of hours in the morning when Daniel and I went into Radford again to look for more surprise eggs. The weather on Sunday was miserable and wet. We soon realised that hardly any of the international stores were open on a Sunday, but we still wanted a walk out so we went into Aldi before having a little wander around the local area. We came across the burned down building in Radford, which caught fire just over a month ago. It was being turned into a student apartment complex when the incident happened. Due to the fire being at the heart of the building, it burned for 10 days before firefighters managed to put it out. They had to demolish the building whilst putting out the fire due to the positioning where the fire began. The building was huge and it amazes me how it burned in the way it did. What you can see in the photo below is only half of the building, so you can imagine how big it was.

When we returned from our adventure, we had a Sunday roast with Daniel's family and spent time with everyone over dinner time. Unfortunately Daniel became ill as he had come down with a cold, so he spent some of the family time tucked up in bed trying to feel better. We didn't do very much the rest of the day with Daniel feeling the way he did.

On Monday we went to Arnold in the morning, which was nice to be somewhere different, but there wasn't much there. We did manage to find some Moshi Monsters Katsuma and Poppet Blind Bags for only 20p each. Some of the shops in Arnold weren't open due to it being a bank holiday, so we didn't spend much time there before heading back to Daniels Dads place.
The final part of our weekend was at the train station. There are 2 trains for us to choose from when returning home from Nottingham, and the first one was packed with people. We wanted somewhere to put all of our luggage so we chose the second train which sits in the station for 15-20 minutes before it leaves, which means you can get on and get a seat early. Once we were on board and had gotten all our luggage on two people from National Rail came in and said that we shouldn't have been let on the train, that they had to take it away to separate from 4 carriages into 2. They told us all to leave our luggage where it was, so we all got off. The train went away and was gone for a long time. It then became delayed, and an old couple were getting agitated as the old lady was annoyed at her partner for leaving their stuff on the train. It eventually returned 10 minutes after it was meant to depart, and it was still 4 carriages. I'm not sure what went on, but we were all relived to have our baggage back and safe.
What did you get up to over the bank holiday? Was your weekend as jam-packed and fun as ours?
Let me know in the comments below.