Monthly Wishlist Update (April / May)

19:06 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

I actually bought a few things from my April wishlist since I had money for my Birthday, so I thought it would be nice if I did a little update post to show you the items I purchased. 

The first thing I wanted to buy was the Sarah Manning Funko POP! Vinyl Figure, which I planned to buy from Forbidden planet. When I went to Nottingham I did in fact manage to purchase this from there for £9.99. The only issue was that it was Free Comic Book Day and the announcement of the Nottingham Comic Con, which meant that the store was absolutely packed with people. It took me about half an hour to find the POP! I was looking for, and then a 15 minute wait in a huge queue to pay for it. I feel that it was completely worth the wait though, as the figure itself is wonderful and I am absolutely chuffed with it. 
As well as Sarah Manning, I also managed to purchase another POP vinyl over my trip to Nottingham. It wasn't in my original wishlist, but I adore it so much I feel that you have to see it. That is the Galactic Convention 2015 exclusive E-3PO, which is an adorable little bobble head.

The second item from my wishlist was a pair of shoes from Primark. I did go into Primark and couldn't find the exact shoes I wanted, so I thought I would look at the next price up, but the shoes seemed to be extremely bad quality compared to the shoes I usually get from George Asda. So, instead I purchased myself a pair of sandals from Asda for my holiday in July. (Please excuse the gormless picture, it was taken from one of my videos)

I then wanted to purchase a board game called Scattergories as I had played it in Nottingham at Daniel's dad's place and really enjoyed it. I managed to purcahse it on Amazon for about £14, and as I have been saving up Amazon vouchers from survey sites this meant I got it technically for free. We have played it a few times, and it is much cheaper made than the 1990's version we played in Nottingham, but it is essentially the same game and is much fun to play. If you have never heard of it (as I hadn't) then it may be worth looking it up online as it is a brilliant family game to bring people together.
The next item I wanted was Trivial Pursuit Live on PS4, and I did not buy this. It does look like a good game, but to be honest I had spent too much money elsewhere to warrant purchasing it. I hope to keep it in mind as a game to purchase in the near future, but I'm still unsure about it. I love the concept of the version on Nintendo Wii, and I think that the Live version will not live up to that. But I guess I won't know until I play it.

The last item on my wishlist was a Floral Print Satchel bag from Peacocks. I had seen it online at only £14 and fell in love with it, so only a few days after publishing my wishlist blog post I went out into town and bought one. I adore how each bag is individual- no two are exactly the same. They are all made with the same patterned fabric, but they all look different due to where the design is on the bag. It is extremely well made and very tough, which is perfect for my needs as I usually use one bag for most of my shopping trips.

Overall, I am happy with the amount of things I purchased from my wishlist. I am a little bit close to broke at the moment so won't be doing another wishlist for a while, especially as I have a holiday to save up for in July. I hope you enjoyed seeing the items I purchased.