Beautiful Photography- A Showcase of How my Photography Skills Have Improved

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The last time I spoke about my photography on this blog was back in March, when I was just getting used to my new camera, the Sony a5000. Since then I have had plenty of practice with this wonderful camera and I have been able to build up my skills and improve my shots. I personally feel that I have improved a lot, especially since my first ever photography on the old Sony a200 when I had no idea what iso or aperture were. Just to remind you of my early photography with my current camera, click HERE to view that blog post.

The first picture is of my parents cat, Bob, chilling out in their front garden on a sunny day. I love the colour of his fur and he is a very photogenic cat, as you can tell by his catwalk style (I'm so not sorry for that pun). I like how the darkness of the background makes him stand out even more.

This one was taken at my local park, which features some very grand looking trees, and a sweet little bandstand. I like the way the little tree sits in front of the larger tree and they blend together so well. I also like the little flower beds in the bottom corners of the photograph. I live for sunny days like this, when I feel warm and happy and it provides the best light for the type of photography I enjoy doing most. 
This is something  a little different for me, and I'm a little unsure if this works. I do like the depth of field it has created though, and the amount of detail in the flower at the forefront. This was down the riverside only 5 minutes away from my house. I love that where I live has so many pretty and natural areas (as you will see from the next picture)

Speaking of pretty and natural areas, here is a field which is a 15 minute walk away from house. I am so proud of this picture that it has ended up being my lock screen photo on my iPhone. I like how the pathway looks like it goes on forever, and the tree just makes it look so pretty. I'm hoping to go for a picnic in the other field up the road from us which should make for some more interesting photos to add to my portfolio.

This shot is my most recent, as it was only taken last weekend. When my family and I went to Handmade Burger Co for lunch we sat outside on Lincoln's Brayford Wharf for a while and appreciated the gorgeous views and weather. I love how the Wagamama building shines so blue with the reflection of the clear skies.

Someone told me that this should be a canvass print, and I totally agree. I wish I could have this printed out for my living room as I adore it. Spring is my favourite time of year and blossom is one of the most beautiful parts of it. Not only does it look lovely, but also smells so gorgeous. Almost all the blossom has now gone in our town, and I miss it already.

The last of the pictures I'm going to show you today is this one. It's another one of those pictures that isn't the usual shot I would take. I really like the pink against the green though, and to me it works well. The flower looks slightly unrealistic and it makes for an interesting image in my opinion.

I have loved doing photography and I hope to keep up with it and eventually be able to improve even more. I'm understanding more of my camera than I ever have since purchasing it, and it's showing in my photos. Do you think I have improved?
If you also do photography feel free to share some of your images with me. I would love to see them.
I hope you have a great weekend

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  1. Your photos look amazing. I put photos on my blog posts, as they say a picture paints a 1000 words, but I know mine are fairly rubbish