Bay 57 Game of Thrones Mystery Box Review

19:27 Kelly Wheelhouse 3 Comments

Today I thought I would show you what I received in my Bay 57 Mystery Box, as well as talk a little about the service of the company themselves. Before I get into the content of the Box itself I would like to pre-warn you not to purchase anything from this company after my experiences with them. My Mum found the mystery box on Facebook as a sponsored post and felt it would be a nice little gift to unbox. So on the 24th April she ordered a box which cost her approximately £25 plus postage. The website stated that the box would be sent Royal Mail 48 and would be with us shortly. To start with we were all excited for it to arrive and kept looking out for it with the mail each day. We were even more excited with what would be inside the box based upon their photo on their website and the description of the product itself.
Their description made the following promises: "Contents will vary from box to box but always be over £50 in value"
"Each box is jammed full of over £50 worth of excitement"
"Sent Royal Mail Tracked 48 from date of dispatch in the UK to get to you super fast and super safe!"
"Your box will usually ship within a week"

On the 29th April we hadn't received a dispatch notice, so my Mum tried to give them a call, but no one would answer the phone, so she emailed them instead. They got back to her email and assured her that the box would be dispatched by 5th May. By the 14th May- still nothing- so Mum emailed them again. They never responded to this email. She got completely fed up by the 28th May tried calling them again. The first time it went to answer phone, and their answering machine box is completely full (surprise surprise with all the people complaining), but she finally got through to someone. The lady on the phone said that she would pick the items herself and dispatch it that day, but also throw in a couple of extras as an apology for the lateness of the box. The box arrived on the 29th May and it had been sent Royal Mail Special Delivery (guaranteed by 1pm).

That is all for now about their service, so lets move on to what was actually within the box
Yes, before you ask- that is everything.
Firstly we have a t-shirt. I'm not sure if you can tell from this image but the picture of the lion is faded in places (no, it's not supposed to be that way before you ask). These sort of shirts retail at about £15, but with them being damaged are worth significantly less, so we will call this £8 at most.
Next is the mug which also had damage not seen in this photo. The image had been scratched which had ruined it completely. These mugs retail for £8, yet again it was damaged so the retail is less which would actually make it closer to £5.
We then have the two POP! vinyl figures. Jaime Lannister's box was completely trashed, which is no use for me as a collector who keeps the figures inside the box. The Grey Worm figure also had damage- not as obvious as it was only a crease on the back which I don't mind, but this means that every item in this box was damaged. The POPs are worth £8.99 new and about £5 with damaged boxes.
That makes the overall worth of the box:
New- approximately £41
Damaged- approximately £23
Due to everything being damaged this means we haven't even got the moneys worth we spent on the box in the first place. And what of these "extra items"? If this is the box with extra items I would have hated to see it before adding extras.
This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with and it makes me question if they are buying these products in cheap from the manufacturer as damaged and defective returns stock.
Overall I would say it's not worth it. Don't bother with them- just go out and spend your money on something better or a more reputable company. I would definitely love an explanation from Bay 57 themselves on why they find this service and product acceptable for their customers? But I doubt I will ever find out. Just avoid them and we can only hope the word gets out and other people don't fall victim to their money-grabbing tactics.

Thanks for reading!


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