My Top 5 Favourite Places to Visit in the UK

18:32 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

This weekend I am heading out to Nottingham for a long weekend away, and I am going on holiday this summer for a long weekend as well. So this got me thinking about the places I have visited in the UK, and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites. 
I honestly don't get to visit as many places as I would like to, especially with traveling being so expensive. But I have been to some gorgeous locations in my lifetime, so here are my top five.

5. Birmingham
I visited Birmingham back in November 2014 for their famous German Christmas Market, and I must admit, it is a very beautiful city. With the market being on, it was extremely busy, but there were tonnes of shops, markets, and sight-seeing. I'm unsure whether there will be as much to do on a normal day when there is no Christmas market, but I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent there. The only problem I had was that there aren't many low-budget eating establishments. We spent over an hour trying to find somewhere to eat as the places in the Bullring were all too busy, but we eventually found a chippy to eat at. I really like the range of shops in the city- from cheaper end shops like The Entertainer and Superdrug, to upper end stores, there is something for everyone. 

4. Brighton
For many years I had yearned to go to Brighton. It was the place I had never been to, but knew I wanted to move there. In September 2014 I managed to visit Brighton for the first time ever, and it definitely lived up to my dreams. The beach is a pebble beach, with crystal clear water, which was surprising as my local seaside town of Skegness has murky brown water. The shops in the city itself are very quirky, which fits my personality perfectly. Also, there are plenty of lovely eating establishments, but it was a little too busy for me with it being peak season. 

3. Conwy
I have visited Conwy twice in my life. Located in North Wales, it is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. It is a very old-fashioned place with a glorious castle, and the castle's walls surrounding the little town. My fondest memory of Conwy was the second time I visited there. I had sprained my ankle and could hardly walk, but my dad persuaded me to go on the castle walls insisting that there were "only a couple of steps to go down". After over 100 steps up and down the walls, my ankle was pretty sore. But I can definitely look back on it now and laugh at how fun that day was. I really enjoy visiting castles, and I must admit this is one of my favourites I've ever visited. 

2. Weston-super-Mare
I have also been to Weston-super-Mare twice in my lifetime (well, technically 3 times if you include the 2 times I went during the same holiday). The first time I went I didn't manage to do much there as it started to rain, so we went home after a short amount of time. Also, their new pier was in the middle of being built, so we couldn't go onto that. The second time (and third) we actually went into the town of Weston, and managed to go on the pier as it had finished being built. I had a great time there, and am hoping that when I go on holiday this year I will be able to spend at least a couple of hours in Weston. 

1. Nottingham
Considering the beauty of the other places, it seems odd for me to include Nottingham. Yes, it's a beautiful city, but it could never compare to the beauty of some of the other places I have included in this list. Well, I chose Nottingham for my own personal reasons. Firstly, I just love the atmosphere of the city. It's a lovely place to be with so many shops, and once you have worked out the public transport you can visit the smaller towns of Nottingham like Bullwell. Secondly, I spent many days living in Nottingham at weekends for a short while. It is my sort of home away from home. If you have never been to Nottingham, I would highly recommend you visit as it is a truly wonderful place full of beautiful architecture and a wonderful range of shops.

Where are your favourite places to visit in the UK? Have you ever been to any of the places I mentioned in my list? I'd love to hear your thoughts.