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I have decided to do a little series where I will be talking about one or two of my favourite blogs each month. I discover new Bloggers on a monthly basis due to me being joined with a few little blogging pages on Facebook and Twitter, so I feel it would be nice of me to share those bloggers with you and explain why I enjoy their content so much.

The first blogger I have been adoring this month is a lovely girl named Rowan who runs a blog called +Funning Up My Life . She is a lifestyle blogger from Hampshire, and she has a cute and unique blogging style.
Rowan's blog can be found at
Her blog is full of beautiful photography, delicious recipes, reviews, and more. You can tell she puts a lot of effort into her blog posts and she deserves so much recognition for her hard work.
On her blog you will find many tabs that you can click on for different categories of posts for example lifestyle, reviews, recipes, etc. This is a fantastic way for you to be able to view the specific content you are looking for within her blog.
I love one of her recent blog posts, and even though it is short, it really does make me want to take a step back and look at what my life has become. That is a post called "Internet Free Day?". She talks about how she is addicted to the internet and social media, and that some days she will come home and not have much time talking with her partner as she spends all evening on her laptop and phone. She then goes on to talk about how she is having internet free days. This is where she will not open her laptop or check her phone.
I honestly think I am going to be taking this on board as I am the same with Daniel. I will have days where we hardly say two words to one another as he sits on the PS4 all evening and I sit on my laptop doing nothing more than scrolling through social media, as well as us both spending a lot of time making YouTube videos. We need days, or even just hours where we sit together with no internet. Just play some board games, or chatter with one another.
Thinking back to Rowan's blog, many of her posts are very grounded and down to earth. They get you thinking about life and even inspire you.

If you enjoyed reading about Funning Up My Life, you can visit the blog at

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  1. Kelly! You sweetheart - thank you! I have just stumbled across this. You are too kind :)