My 5 Favourite Books | Kelly Pendragon

17:57 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

I adore reading and have done since being younger, so I felt it fitting to make a video for YouTube talking about my 5 favourite books ever. I feel that reading not only encourages creativity, but is also somewhere to escape from the real world. I have always been a fairly imaginative person. I love creating imaginary worlds and imagining situations, so reading is such a fun thing to do for me. It allows my imagination to run wild.
I currently work for my family's business (Welly Bob Books) which sells books online. This gives me an unlimited supply of all the books I could ever imagine and it's like a dream come true.
I haven't been reading as much lately as I used to, but I am hoping to get back into it since I have more time on my hands nowadays.
Let me know in the comments section what your favourite books are. What is your favourite genre? and what books would you like turning into films that haven't been yet?