Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

17:35 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Fifty Shades of Grey has been one of the most talked about books over the past few years. The book by EL James was originally written as a Twilight fan-fiction, but soon became an entity of its own. I, as with many others, was surprised to discover that the highly erotic book was being turned into a film. From what I've heard the book was highly pornographic and pushed the limits, which begs the question of what should and shouldn't be shown in movies.
For the film I feel they wanted to focus on the storyline between Mr Grey and Anastasia, rather than focusing too much upon their erotic relationship. There are mildly pornographic scenes, as you may expect, but nothing more than many other 18 rated movies.
Throughout the film you can feel Anastasia's want for a relationship, Christian Grey is not that sort of person though. He is not after love, he wants Anastasia to become his 'submissive'. This means he will have full control over her, not just sexually, but also in aspects of her everyday life. He wants her to bow to his very specific sexual needs, but she is an innocent girl and the idea of S&M scares her. She seems willing to give things a try for him, but it appears to be because she feels that he will come around and be able to eventually love her as she loves him.
In this movie they chose the perfect actor for Mr Grey (Jamie Dornan), and for Anastasia (Dakota Johnson), but the problem is that they don't quite have the chemistry you would imagine them to. I felt the acting as individuals was excellent, but the acting of the relationship between the two of them was fairly wooden.
As a film aimed more towards females I find it a little odd that they show full frontal nudity of a female, but never a male. Why is it that in todays society it is okay to view a naked female in movies, but the frontal nudity of a male would make it too pornographic?
Overall, this movie offered a good storyline, but as a whole I felt it wasn't worth the hype. I would rate this movie 2.5 out of 5.