April Monthly Wishlist

21:00 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Welcome to my second monthly Wishlist, where I talk about some of the items I would like to purchase over the next month. My last monthly Wishlist was back in February and I also did an update post. Since the update post I managed to purchase one more item from my previous Wishlist, and that was the Frozen Anna Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. As it is my birthday this month I have a few things that I would like to buy with my Birthday money, so hopefully when I do an update post I will have purchased at least a couple of these items.

The first thing I wish to buy this month is a Funko Pop Vinyl figure. I am starting to get a little bit obsessed with collecting Funko Pops and would love to collect loads of them, but I can't do a wishlist of just Pops or it will become a little bit boring. So this month I will only mention the one I want the most, which is Sarah Manning from Orphan Black. I plan to get it from Forbidden Planet as they had it in stock at £9.99. I would love to collect the rest of the Orphan Black characters eventually, but there are other Pops I want more than them.

The next thing I hope to get this month is a pair of flats from Primark. Apparently these are only £3 and last really well. I always buy my shoes like these from George Asda, but they either destroy my feet or fall apart within a week. At the beginning of this month I went to Primark with my partner, Daniel, and we bought £70 worth of clothes between us, but I never saw these shoes so missed out. As I am heading to Nottingham again at the beginning of May I will see if I can get my hands on a pair of these, but hopefully leave everything else behind on the shelves as I don't want to spend all my money on clothes again. Primark is a very addictive place to go into.

When I went to Nottingham, Daniel and I played a very classic game called Scattergories. Neither of us had ever played it before, and the game is designed really for more than 2 players, but we had so much fun together. This has made me want to purchase the game. I highly doubt the new version will be as good quality as the version from back in the 1990's, but it will essentially be the same game. I will hopefully be purchasing this from Amazon within the next few days with a load of Amazon vouchers Daniel and I have saved up from doing online surveys. The game is only £15 delivered, so it is a bargain considering how expensive board games can be now.

This next thing is sort of a board game as well, but not exactly a real one. It is Trivial Pursuit Live on PS4. So a video game of a board game, but with a twist. I own Trivial Pursuit on Wii and love it, I have spent countless hours playing it and I wish they would bring out Trivial Pursuit (the classic version) on PS4 with updated questions. However, I don't think that is happening any time soon as they have only recently released the Live version for PS4. The game is £11.99 and only available to purchase from the PSN store. This means it is download only and you cannot buy the disk based version. I hope they have done the classic game justice with this completely different version. Hopefully I will be able to buy it at some point to find out.

In my previous wishlist, I had wished for a new bag. I found the exact bag I had wished for, but it didn't look as nice on the shelf so I am still in search of a new bag. Lately Peacocks have had a lovely range of bags in, and I particularly love this one. It is a Floral Print Satchel and I am obsessed with anything floral at the moment. The bag is a little expensive for what I am willing to pay at £14, but I don't mind paying that price if the bag itself is decent quality. Hopefully I won't have the same situation with this bag as I had with the previous one.

Let me know in the comments what things you wish to purchase this month, and give me your opinions on the items I wish for. I look forward to updating you on the items I purchase.