The 8 Best Things About Spring

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I love Spring. It is partly my favourite season, levelled with Summer. As Spring is (hopefully) upon us I feel now is the perfect time to tell you all the best things about Spring (in my opinion).

1. The sun rises earlier and sets later
This gives the illusion of longer days, which is something that I really love. I enjoy late evening walks, but when it is cold and pitch black it's not quite so enjoyable. This is why I long for the sun to stay up longer. The world feels more alive in daylight, so add daylight to the evening and it makes a more pleasant atmosphere.

2. All the pretty flowers come into bloom
Spring is the time of year when you get all your favourite flowers blooming. I adore the look and scent of spring flowers, especially with the floral arrangements in parks. For me it has become more of a joy this year as I have taken up photography, and flowers are one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

3. Baby animals
A large number of animals will have their young in Spring, and they are so adorable. There is nothing cuter than baby animals. Whether they are ducklings or lambs, they are always guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

4. Spring clothing
I really enjoy wearing dresses with leggings and Spring is the perfect time for that. It is also a wonderful time to refresh and update your wardrobe by splashing out a little on some fresh new season clothing. I really enjoy being able to go out without wearing a jacket or coat. It is amazing to be able to feel the fresh warm air against your arms, without getting the shivers.

5. Days out
As soon as the weather gets warmer and the rain isn't pouring quite as much, we all love to leave our dingy living rooms and head for days out. The best places to visit in spring time are castles, beaches, city shopping, and public gardens. I am already looking forward to my first visit to the seaside. That is my favourite place to be, and spring is the start of the time when those areas are best enjoyed, before the summertime rush.

6. Outdoor sports
Who wants to play tennis, frisbee or football in the freezing cold weather? Not me for sure. I like it when it is springtime and I can finally take part in my favourite outdoor sports without worrying about muddying up my shoes, or freezing. Again to the point I mentioned about going to the seaside, with sports it's best to play in the spring before the rush of people wanting to play in the summertime. The tennis courts and football field near my apartment are almost always empty in the spring, but as we get into summer they become packed with people.

7. Going for countryside walks
I live in a very rural place, and one of the best parts of spring is being able to go out on those countryside walks I missed out on in the winter time. During the winter fields are a horrible place to be, but in the spring they become a very peaceful and beautiful place to spend time. I particularly look forward to having a picnic in the countryside with my partner.

8. It's nearly summer
The final thing I love about Spring, is that it means Summer is on the way. Summer being equally as awesome for its own reasons (maybe I will do a blog post about that when it is almost Summer).

I am an overall lover of sunshine, warm weather, and pretty countryside scenery. This means that Spring and Summer are the times of year when I am my happiest. I always long for the warmer weather once it has gone, and when it is here I savour every moment of it.
Let me know what your favourite season is, I would be interested to know why that is your favourite as well.

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  1. I agree! I'm so happy that spring's coming. I was really depressed by the endless darkness and low temperatures. Now everything's getting better and I just can't wait for summer! I'm very optimistic :)