My First Attempts at Photography

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As you may know I absolutely love photography. I have had a keen eye for taking photos since being a child and recently got myself the Sony a5000 Compact System Camera, which has given me the opportunity to take my photography to the next level. I have been learning the basics of exposure and have managed to get some shots that I am very proud of. I'm hoping to learn some more creative techniques as time goes on, but for now I'm happy with the images I have produced. I will be showing you a few of the photos I have taken with a little piece of information about each photo.

This first photo was taken by the river near where I live. I like the way the plant in the background arches over the duck's head, framing the duck in the image.  

Another duck photo taken on the same day. I love the detail in the feathers on this one, and the colours of the duck itself.

Out of all the photos I have taken so far, this is my favourite. This cat belongs to someone who lives down the road from me, and this cat comes to see Daniel and I every time we are walking by. On this particular day I had bought my camera with me, and managed to get this snap of it looking up at me. I adore cats anyway, but this one is particularly photogenic. 

I have always preferred to take photos of nature, but whilst I was in Nottingham I decided to try something a little different. So I decided I would pay attention to the architecture as Nottingham has so much beauty to offer. I adore this building and am so happy with how the photo turned out.

This image was shot in full colour, but I felt that the architecture of the building came through more in black and white. I like the lines in this photo and the angle it was taken from. This may be a more interesting shot next time if I used a slow shutter speed to slightly blur the movement of the people.

These pigeons were splashing around in the water cleaning themselves, and I couldn't help but take a snap of them. They both seem rather curious with what I am pointing in their faces. The rippled effect of the water seems oddly satisfying in this image.

The last photo I will be showing you today is this one of the water feature in Nottingham's Old Market Square. I would be curious to have seen the outcome of this with a slower shutter speed, but I really like the effect the water has anyway. 

I hope to keep up with my photography, and to keep improving. If you have any tips, or simply want to give me feedback on the photos then feel free to in the comments.
I can't wait to show you more of my photos in the near future.