Competition Win From Lyla Loves

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The other day when I went to check my mail I found this fabulous looking pink parcel in my mailbox. 
I was fairly shocked to find a parcel from Lyla Loves, as I never received an email to say I had won anything, so it was a pleasant surprise. I have previously won an item from Lyla Loves which was a bangle that I featured in my blog back in October 2014 (Check out that blog post here) 

Inside my parcel there was this tiny little Lyla Loves signature necklace. It is a bit smaller than I would expect it to be, but I like the necklace design. 
It is very good quality though, and I am impressed with it for a competition win.
I have been looking through their website and there are many cute items I would love to purchase eventually. 
When you buy from Lyla Loves, their postage rate to the UK is £3, and if you place an order over £15, postage is free.
My favourite items from their store are:
THIS adorable gold flamingo pendant- a complete bargain at only £3
and THIS 3D skull pendant
I hope to eventually place an order with them as I love their range. Let me know your thoughts if you have ever ordered from Lyla Loves (or won anything from them)

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  1. I was also shocked when I ended up with two of these on my doorstep last week! One's gone to my Mum :D xx