Videos of The Week #6

21:06 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Since the last videos of the week post (Which was actually 10 days ago, not a week... oops) Daniel and I have uploaded some videos that we are both very proud of. We are trying extra hard with our reviews, and I have quit vlogging for now so I can focus more on my main videos.

This is the most recent video on my channel, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I have previously done a "Reacting to my old Facebook Profile Pictures" video, and decided it would be fun to do one reacting to old photos from my Facebook that were not profile pictures. This video was fun to film and I would definitely do another reacting to photos video again soon. 

Daniel and I found out a couple of days ago that Zomlings have just bought out Series 3! We loved the first 2 series of these and so we had to head straight into town and buy 10 packets of them. If you are not sure what Zomlings are, then do give this video a watch. They are ultra cute, squishy little zombie characters and we managed to get some great figures in these packs. Today we bought 10 more to be reviewed for next week.

My Little Pony Squishy Pops? Yeah, I wasn't sure what on earth that was either. They are very cute though. We were pre-warned that some of these capsules may only contain a bead, but we were lucky  enough to have gotten a pony in each one. 

It seems like all the new series of toys are coming out at the moment, as we have series 4 of the Zelfs. I had no clue what these were, but they are a cute little collectable. On our channel we tend to suffer a lot with duplicates, but out of the 5 toadstools we had no repeats. It was also cool to see that there were 3 different variants of each figure. Their hair is the best though!

More new series! I can't contain the excitement! This time we have Lego Mixels series 4. We have decided to collect the Glowkies set, and these are the 2 we have reviewed so far. These videos also include a speed-build. It is the first time we have tried this, so let us know what you think to it. These mixels are fantastic value at £2.99 each. I can't wait to build the final one. With Mixels, once you have collected all 3 figures you can build a "max" figure, which is a huge character made up of parts from all 3 smaller characters.

Daniel and I spent a day in Nottingham last weekend, and thought it would be fun to Vlog. Although we didn't vlog much of the day, it was great fun getting to use our new camera out and about. Whilst in Nottingham I also took some photography with the camera. That can be found on my Facebook page for anyone who is interested. 

We had no idea what these were, but with having the "Despicable Me" branding on them, we couldn't help ourselves. It turns out they were Mega Bloks Minions, which were very cute. 

That's all for another week. Let me know what sort of blog posts you would like to see from me in future :)