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I found this really cute idea online for an A to Z of me. The idea is to go through each letter of the alphabet, and pair each letter with something significant in your life. This can be a person, an item, a memory, anything you like that is a part of your life. I feel that this post can be a fantastic way for you to get to know me.

A is for Apartment
My partner Daniel and I moved into our first place back in 2012, and after only a few months there we hated it. We wanted somewhere quieter, safer, and bigger. So in December 2012 we moved into the place we currently live in now. It is a large two bedroom apartment, with one of the rooms currently being used as a studio to film our YouTube videos in. We have considered moving into a house in the future, but the problem is that it would cost us significantly more money to move into a house which would be smaller than our apartment. 

B is for Blogging
I think blogging is a fantastic way for me to express myself. I enjoy creative writing, and when I was younger I actually wrote stories on a regular basis. I stopped writing stories about a year or two ago though, and I'm not sure if I will ever get back into it. I find great enjoyment in writing, but I feel that my creative process for it has simmered down to a writer's block. I may get over it eventually, but to be honest I think that blogging is a fantastic replacement for the writing I used to do. 

C is for Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady is a nickname that has been given to me by my family, because I love cats and they love me. Whenever I see a cat, I have to stop to stroke it. I don't have a cat of my own, but I would love to have one at some point. The apartment downstairs from me has a cat, and they leave it outside in the cold and it meows to be let in, but they don't let it in often. When I first saw it, it was terrified of people. But after time it got to know me, and I managed to stroke it. Now every time it sees me it meows and runs towards me for a fuss. I love the fact that the bond between us is not because I feed it. It simply wants attention from me. 

D is for Daniel
For anyone who reads my blog often, or is a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you will know that I am in a relationship with Daniel. We met online and knew each other for over a year before we finally decided to meet up in his hometown of Nottingham. From the very first day we knew that we were meant for each other. We spent the day with my brother and my friend eating lots of McDonalds McNuggets, going to the park, and playing football together. Our relationship was a hard one to build up as I didn't live in Nottingham, so we only got to see each other once a week to start with. Then Daniel moved into a shared accommodation in Nottingham which meant that I could see him around my studies, which was Friday night until Sunday night. Although we had a very tough start, we have stuck together through everything. All relationships have their ups and downs, and this one is no different to any other. But we both love each other and wish to be together for a very long time.

E is for Example
For those of you that don't know, my favourite musical artist ever is Example. His music is fantastic, and I think he is one of the most down to earth guys ever. His real name is Elliot Gleave, and he has recently had a baby with his beautiful wife, Erin. He has also been in the studio recording his new album, which I am super excited about. I have seen him live in concert twice, and wanted to go again. But the venue he chose in Nottingham is not a very nice place, so I made the decision not to go. I hope he gigs again, but at a better venue next time. 

F is for Future
I am one of those people who are constantly thinking about their future. I like to plan ahead. I love to know what I will be doing next weekend, where I will be going? I enjoy planning ahead in life. Not only short term, but also long term. Like, where would I like to move to, what car would I like to have, what pet I would like? It's always nice to aspire for things in life, and I do that a little too much sometimes, but I always like to think deeply about the future. 

G is for Games
I really enjoy playing games, whether that be a video game, board game, or card game. I have just finished playing The Last of Us Remastered and it is the best story-based game I have ever played. I am currently playing the bonus levels "Left Behind". I also enjoy Call of Duty Advanced Warfare online multiplayer. There is something therapeutic about killing people in fun maps. My favourite Board game is currently Monopoly, and my favourite card game is UNO. I have a few different sorts of UNO, some come with different "special" cards. My favourite deck to play is the Family Guy version which features an "Obey Me" card- this is card which allows you to see the opponent's hand and choose one of their cards, to be replaced with a card of your choice from your own hand. 
H is for House
House is a television show that aired for 8 seasons. It is one of my favourite shows, and I enjoyed it so much I had to collect all of the box sets. Hugh Laurie is a fantastic actor, and I wish there could have been more seasons of the show, but I suppose all good things must come to an end eventually. 

I is for Imagination
I have always had a very vivid imagination. I can literally sit for hours in an empty room in silence and my imagination runs wild. I will occasionally daydream for hours on end, and sometimes even go through a whole day doing my usual daily activities whilst day dreaming. It seems very silly, but I am happy when I am daydreaming. I wish I was more artistic so I could draw or paint some of the things from my imagination. 

J is for John
John is my younger brother. He can be very annoying at times, but he is a great guy and I can have a really good laugh with him. We do have the odd arguments that most siblings have, but apart from that we are pretty close. 

K is for Kelly
That is me, of course. 

L is for Learning
What is life without learning? I love to learn new things, and re-learn things I have forgotten. The problem with learning is that it requires a good memory to be able to store the information. I Don't have a very good memory, so after all the years of learning I have been through, I don't remember so many things I wish I still knew. This is why I try to keep myself learning even though I am no longer at school or college.

M is for Memories
Going back to the previous point about me having a terrible memory, I think it is very important to remember key points in life. I think that is why I have such a passion for photography. I love being able to snap a moment in time and look back on the photo years later and getting the same feelings I felt at the time. 

N is for Nottingham
My favourite city. Nottingham may not seem like much, but for some strange reason I love it there. I could go there every week and be happy. I feel like I probably couldn't live there, but I get great enjoyment from visiting on a regular basis. I love the trams, the quirky shops, fabulous eating establishments, and so many more things about the city. Too many to even list. All I would say is, if you have never been there, then do go at some point. 

O is for Over-Excitable
I can be extremely over-excitable from time to time. I go over the top, and won't shut up about something that has me excited. I think Daniel sometimes gets fed up with me repeating the same things over and over. Not only is it repeating things, but I also get giddy and won't calm down.

P is for Photography
For a very long time I have had a passion for photography. I love taking fantastic quality photos, and enjoy being creative in some of my shots. I am very far away from being good at photography as I still have not fully grasped exposure. My favourite types of shots are nature shots in spring and summer. Whether that be a field, river, forest, animals, seaside. Anything natural and outdoors. I also enjoy taking photos of people, especially Daniel. I think he is a fantastic subject and I am very happy with some of the shots I have taken of him. 

Q is for Quiet
To my family and close friends, I am one of those people who you just can't shut up. I love to talk and laugh and I am so bubbly. However, I am not very confident. When I meet new people I go very quiet and shy. I don't know what to do with myself. Quietness has been one of those parts of my life I wish I could get over. I would love to be bubbly with everyone else like I am around my family, but I don't see that happening any time soon. 

R is for Reading
I have lived my whole life with a love for reading books. My favourite genres are teenage fiction and fantasy. I used to read every night before I went to bed, but now I generally read once a week. The last book I read was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg- which is an incredible book that I would highly recommend. And I am currently reading The Fault in Our Stars, which is also a very good book so far. 

S is for Spring
Spring is my favourite time of year. I love the fresh blooming flowers, warmer weather, sunshine, baby animals, long walks. Those are the things I live for, and to me Spring is the perfect time of year for all of those things. I also think that Spring is the best time of year for photography. Bring on Spring time!

T is for Ticklish
I am one of the most ticklish people ever. I am super ticklish on my feet, hips, and neck. I wish I wasn't ticklish because it is very annoying. Sometimes I can contain it, and not feel the tickles, but 99% of the time I am the most ticklish person. 

U is for Untidy
I love cleaning, and take pride in making things clean, but I am a very messy person. I leave things lying around and let the house get dusty. I don't see the point wasting hours of my life cleaning the house every few days for it to look nice. I prefer to let the place get dirty, then appreciate the cleanliness of it once I have given it a deep clean. 

V is for Vet
Ever since being a child I have always had my firm sights upon becoming a vet. I love animals, and wanted to have the most cliche job in the animal care industry. I decided to pursue my dreams and so I studied Animal Management at college. When I was studying, it became clear to me that a vet was certainly not the job for me. Not only did it take a lot of hard work, but it took going to University, which I knew I couldn't manage. I struggled with the work-load of college, and University would be worse. I couldn't cope with that. As well as that, I realised that to become a vet that meant having to put down many animals, and see animals suffering. That wasn't something I could go through. So I gave up on that dream. I still wanted to work with animals, but that dream got put on hold for me to work for my Family's business. Now I am unsure what I want from my life. 

W is for Watson
Watson is the name of my pet Russian Dwarf Hamster. He is currently 2 years old, and the average life span of that breed of hamster is a year and a half. He is a ripe old age and has so much character. People who have never owned hamsters will never understand what quirky amazing creatures they are. 

X is for X Ray
I seriously couldn't think of any other word beginning with X. So, X ray it is. I have only ever had one in my lifetime that I remember and that was when I broke and dislocated my little finger. That was back when I was in primary school. It was very painful and I will definitely be careful not to break any other bones. 

Y is for YouTube
YouTube is becoming a huge part of my life right now. I have two channels, one called AspectReviews which is a reviews channel I run with Daniel, and the other is Kelly Pendragon where I post my own videos of tags, vlogs, and other random content. It is a hobby that pays for itself, and allows me to use my creativity and good computer skills. I am so proud of how much my editing skills have improved since I started YouTube. I would love for YouTube to become a full-time career for me one day. 

Z is for Zalfie
Zalfie! Most people may be wondering what that is. It's the couple name for Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes. They both have YouTube Channels (Zoella and PointlessBlog), and their channels mean so much to me. Zoe was my inspiration for starting my own YouTube channel, and Alfie, well I just love his videos in general. His daily vlogs are fantastic, and I really enjoy seeing them every day. I look forward to them uploading their videos. 

Are you still with me? Wow, that was a huge one to do. This took all my effort over two days to complete and I am very happy with how it came out. I hope you are all having a good week. If you have any suggestions for anything you want to see on this blog in future, let me know in the comments below.