Marks & Spencer Food Haul & Review

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In November, a Marks & Spencer "Simply Food" store opened in my local town. Since it opened, my partner and I have been trying some of their ranges of food and have been very impressed with what we have tried so far. So we went in there on Wednesday and decided to do a little shop for some different things and I thought it would be nice to show you what I bought and review each item. 

The first items came in a meal deal that M&S regularly have on and that is their "Dine in for 2 for £10" deal. Every few weeks they change what the mains, sides, and desserts are that you can buy in this deal which means you get to try almost everything from the store without paying full price. 
The first part of the meal deal is the Main, which we bought this ready to roast dry cured gammon with a honey glaze. On the packet this says it serves 2/3, but I can safely confirm this would definitely serve 3 people. Daniel and I had it all between us and it was too much food. It takes 55 minutes to cook with minimal effort, as all you have to do is add the honey glaze and put it in the oven. I added half of the honey glaze as I was unsure what it would be like, and it was gorgeous. I will be putting the whole pack of glaze on next time. It created a light sweet coating on the top, and a sweetened flavour throughout the meat. The meat itself was succulent and juicy. It  was easy to carve, easy to cut up once on the plate, and melted into my mouth due to its soft texture. This gammon is the best I have ever had without it coming from a butcher, or costing the Earth. 

The side I chose to go with my gammon was these Honey & Mustard Roast Parsnips. These come with a little pot of honey and mustard glaze, which you add to the parsnips 10 minutes before they are cooked. For me a roast parsnip has to taste fresh and be soft inside with a light crunch outside. These were that perfection with hardly any effort. The flavour the honey and mustard gives them is fantastic, and it leaves your mouth watering for more. There are a lot of parsnips in this box and as with the gammon, these could easily serve 3 people. 

For dessert we chose these delicious looking Millionaire's Shortbread Desserts. These were layered with biscuit crumb at the bottom, followed by caramel sauce, caramel mousse, and topped with chocolate and a white chocolate piece. This dessert looks so appetising, but unfortunately when we gave it a taste test it didn't have much flavour. The white chocolate piece didn't taste of very much. The chocolate topping, mousse, and caramel was average. Again, it lacked flavour. And the texture of the biscuit at the bottom didn't blend with the other layers. Unfortunately, a disappointing dessert, but there are plenty of other desserts included within the offer, so I will be trying something new next time.

As I don't like wine so much I decided to go for the non-alcoholic option for the drink that comes with the deal. As the drinks are not alcoholic, you get two bottles rather than one. This was the only non-alcoholic drink with the deal in the whole store, so it didn't leave me with much choice. Luckily the flavour of lime and lemongrass sounded appealing to me, so the lack of range didn't bother me so much. The drink itself tasted very fresh and expensive. I'm not sure if you have ever had Belvoir fruit drinks, but it reminded me of the flavour of them. They have a light fizz and a very smooth flavour. There is none of the bitterness that you may expect from this sort of drink. They also came in very fancy looking glass bottles. Overall, I really liked these, and I finished a whole bottle to myself over dinner.

Now we move on to foods that were not in the £10 meal deal. These could have been purchased as a side with the deal, but we had the parsnips instead. So to have with our gammon we purchased these. They cost £1.70 and contained approximately 6 large roast potatoes. They cooked to perfection with a light golden-brown crisp to the outside, and Inside they were light and fluffy. They were the perfect Roast Potatoes, without having to make them yourself. Roast potatoes can be such effort to make, but with these you simply place them on an oven tray and cook them for 35 minutes. 

These sausage rolls may seem expensive at a whopping £3 per pack, but they are worth every penny paid for them. These are cheese and bacon sausage rolls. The meat filling inside is a mixture of cheese, bacon, and sausage. The Pastry is buttery, and they are topped with pieces of bacon. I do admit, these are very sickly. I can only manage 3 at a time before they become too much for me, but the flavour of them is exquisite. They contain over 90% pork, which means that they are not filled with rusk like many other sausage rolls. 

This is something that I have tried before from M&S, and was purchasing again due to enjoying them so much. They are breadcrumb chicken breast mini fillets. These cost £3.60 per pack, or 2 for £7, or 3 for £10 (Mix and match with the other chicken products). They are made from the freshest, most succulent chicken breast fillets with a very flavoursome breadcrumb coating. This will definitely be appearing on my shopping list most weeks from now on as I enjoy them so much. 

The last item purchased was something else I have never tried before. That is these Crunchy Chicken Munchies, I enjoy eating these sorts of chicken bites, but it's hard to find ones that are good quality. Well, these are exactly that. They have high quality chicken inside, and a very tasty crisp coating on the outside. They cost £3, which may seem expensive, but you do get more than it looks like from the image. Daniel and I had half a packet each and that was enough to fill us up as a meal. The breadcrumb says it is salt and pepper, but it does have a light hint of a southern fried coating.  These were very enjoyable, but I don't think they will be in my basket again soon as I think I have been spoilt by the luscious chicken in the 3 for £10 range.

Overall, our shopping came to a total of £22.30, which I think is a fair price considering everything we purchased. I will definitely be shopping in M&S again soon. 
Comment and let me know if you would like me to do more food shopping hauls (even from other stores)