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Hey everyone,
Last week a company called decided to send Daniel and I a selfie stick to review on our YouTube channel. So we figured it would be great to take it with us on a day trip to Lincoln so we could give it a proper test out and about. I would like to thank ToxicFox for sending us this product and giving us the opportunity to review such a quirky item.
Firstly, here is the link for where to purchase this selfie stick-
The selfie stick itself is very sturdy. It comes with a holder for a mobile phone which fits most brands of smartphone. I tested the phone holder clip with both the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 6 and the phones were very well secured in place. I felt completely happy waving my new iPhone 6 around on the end of it with no worries of it becoming detached. The pole extends to a fantastic 1 metre, giving you some fabulous angles.
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I felt that the unique selling point of this particular selfie stick is the button on the handle which allows you to take photos without setting a self timer on your phone. You simply plug the cable at the end of the stick into the audio jack on your phone and click away! The only issue we came across was that if you have the cable in the audio jack the phone will no longer record audio when recording videos. I feel that for future selfie sticks it may be a fantastic unique selling point if they were to include a microphone in the handle of the stick to enable clear audio recordings in video mode.
The attachment for the phone holder is a universal screw point which fits with all digital cameras, so this stick can not only hold phones, but also hold cameras too. The button to take photos won't work with cameras, but it's still great to be able to connect more products.
Whilst we were in Lincoln reviewing this product, we noticed a vendor selling selfie sticks. The one he was walking around with as an advertisement was bending in the middle whilst holding a mobile phone smaller than the iPhone. The phone holder wasn't very secure on his model either. It made me think, this product is truly fantastic and great value for money considering the other selfie sticks on the market.
Here are a few fun test photos taken with this selfie stick & the iPhone 6

The Selfie Stick is available from in black and hot pink. It costs only £14.99 plus £3.99 postage. Although if you use the voucher code SELFIE you can get £5 off.

Here is our video review of the selfie stick. You can skip to 8:49 to see us using the selfie stick for videos.
Thanks again to ToxicFox for the fantastic opportunity to review the selfie stick!
*PLEASE NOTE* THIS IS NOT SPONSORED IN ANY WAY! ToxicFox sent us their selfie stick and asked us to review it. We were not paid to review this product.