My Passion for Photography

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Hello everyone,
Today I would like to tell you all about a passion of mine you may not know about- photography. Ever since being a child, I have loved taking photographs. I had one of those little cameras with a film that you had to scroll the little dial every time you took a photo. I used to take so many photos and it must have cost my parents a fortune. I remember one time when I was in Primary school I went on a 5 day trip to the Isle of White and my mum bought me some disposable cameras- 5 in fact. So I had a camera a day and I still got through them and wished I could have taken more photos. 
I am completely obsessed with cameras. Even though I can't afford them, I always look online at the new cameras, the prices of current cameras, the specs, etc. I have always wanted a DSLR, but they are so very expensive it was the one thing I could never afford. However, one of my friends made my dream come true and I finally had a DSLR. Okay, it was an old one, but it was fantastic. I had the Sony a200 which is a 10.2 megapixel entry level camera released in 2007. I took some wonderful shots with it, which I will show you at the end of this blog post.
I don't ever want to be completely professional, I just want to take fantastic shots and enjoy myself in the process. My preferred things to photograph are animals, and nature. I love photographing the sea, trees, vast fields, flowers. Capturing nature in its most beautiful form is what I want to achieve. 
With AspectReviews the opportunity finally came up to get a new camera to record our videos with. We were considering something like a DSLR as some people have achieved fantastic video quality from this. After doing vast research, we decided to go for a Compact System Camera, the Sony a5000. I am very excited to take it out and about and rekindle my passion. I haven't been able to use the old sony a200 since April last year, so all I have been taking pictures on is my Canon IXUS 132 compact digital camera. While that is good in its own right- it still isn't a DLSR or even similar quality. Once my new camera arrives I would love to share some of my new photos with you. I am also considering making a Facebook like page to share both my photography and my YouTube videos all in one place .
Now for the photos from the Sony a200. These were all taken with little to no knowledge about ISO, exposure, etc. (I have been learning all that now for the new camera)
Also, these photos have been downloaded from my Facebook, so they won't be at their true quality. But it gives you a general idea about my photography.