Favourite YouTube Videos: January 2015

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Hey everyone,
Each month I love to share with you all some of my favourite YouTube videos. Last month I decided to focus completely on small YouTubers whom I had just discovered. This month I am going to show you all some of my favourite videos from any YouTuber, big or small. I hope you appreciate these videos as much as I do.

Jaboody Dubs- Dump Cakes
I have been a fan of the Jaboody Dubs videos for a long time now. The first video I ever watched of theirs was the Sticky Buddy video, but I haven't been watching anything of theirs for a long time now. The other day my mum sent me a new Jaboody video and I felt that it had to be shared with you all. They take silly commercials, and do their own funny voice-overs. This video is most certainly not their best, but still a very good one. 

SarahClose1- Take Me To Church- Hozier
Next up is Sarah Close. She is a singer on YouTube and I love her music. She mostly does covers of other peoples music. I think singers like Sarah are so underrated, and she deserves recognition. If only some of the chart artists could sing without autotune like her. I actually hate the original version of the following song, but I absolutely adore her take on it.

Alastair Kingon- Not My Arms Challenge With Mr Boyfriend
I believe I mentioned Alastair in my previous videos of the month blog post back in November, but I still love his videos. This one is so cute and funny. I couldn't stop giggling to myself all the way through. I think that anyone who isn't subbed to him needs to right away.

Brianna Clair- TMI Tag
Brianna Clair is only 16 years old, and yet she is so cute, funny, and talented. I love her videos and her accent. Her videos are also very well edited, and entertaining to watch. In the TMI Tag she answers questions about herself that are classed as "Too Much Information".

Simply Paige- Hello Kitty Capsule Review
Paige was one of the winners of AspectReviews massive toy giveaway, and this is one of her videos. She does reviews on her channel and I particularly enjoyed this one. The figures inside these capsules are super adorable. I look forward to seeing what else Paige reviews in the future.

Josh Dove- 2014 Yearly Favourites
I am unsure when I discovered Josh, but I found him recently in my subscribed list and started to check out his videos. I really enjoyed what I watched and felt that it would be awesome to share with you all. Here is Josh talking about some of his favourites from 2014. Unfortunately he hasn't uploaded anything else since early January, which is a shame because I want to see more of his content. Hopefully he will do more videos soon.

I love discovering different people on YouTube, so it would be great if you could tell me in the comments who some of your favourite YouTubers are that other people may not have seen or heard of. I hope you are all having a great day.

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