Throwback Thursday- A Look Back On My 2014

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Hey everyone,
Today I felt that since it is the start of a New Year, and it is Thursday, that I would do a Throwback Thursday post looking back on my best times of 2014. I feel that remembering is a very important thing in life. That is why I love filming daily vlogs, and taking loads of photos everywhere I go. I do have a terrible memory, and if it wasn't for all of the snippets of my life I take with blogs, vlogs, and photos- I wouldn't remember many of the key moments in my life. I hope you enjoy seeing what I got up to in 2014.

Russell Howard Wonderbox Tour
It's safe to say that Russell Howard has been my favourite comedian for many years. I have always wanted to see him live, but he hasn't been touring in many years. So when he announced his Wonderbox tour, I had to get tickets for my family, Daniel and I. I calculated from the tickets that we would be a little way away from the stage, but still close enough to appreciate the show. It was a massive shock to me when we reached our seats to find that we were very close to the front of the stage. The show was amazing. Better than I ever thought it would be. As soon as I left the venue I wished that the show could happen all over again.
So close to the stage!
Russell waving
Daniel and I- I love this photo because for some reason Daniel looks like a zombie with black lips, and all the people in the background also look like zombies (especially the lady on the top left who looks so sad)

Warwick Castle
Since being younger, I have always wanted to visit Warwick Castle. For my Birthday this year I finally got to, and it was totally worth it! There were so many different things going on around the grounds. I think that this was the best family trip I went on this year. I will definitely be going back there at some point- although admission is very expensive!
The castle entrance from the inside
A peacock decided it would display it's beautiful feathers for us
A view from the castle walls
Daniel and I at the highest point of the castle tower
This man was serving iPhones
A beautiful view 
The Creation of my YouTube Channel
In May this year I decided to create my own YouTube channel separate from AspectReviews so I can post my own vlogs, tags, and quiz videos on my own little space. Throughout the year I have struggled with this channel, and for a while I wasn't completely sure of my place on YouTube. I wanted to be like Zoella or CutiePieMarzia, but I'm not into beauty, so I quickly ran out of ideas for videos. I eventually decided I would try my hand at daily vlogging so I could attempt vlogmas. This worked out really well for me, and I have now decided that my channel will primarily be a daily vlogging channel. 
My first ever Monthly Favourites video
And my most recent Monthly Favourites video.

Hopefully in the time between filming my first Monthly Favourites and my most recent one I have improved a little with my videos. I do struggle with filming these sorts of videos sometimes, but I enjoy filming and editing them. Hopefully the end products are worth watching and enjoyable to the viewer. 

Christmas Day
I know it was only a week ago, but Christmas day this year was special for me and something that will be remembered for a long time. My mum cooked beef and gammon for Christmas dinner, and both meats were so good they will be going down in the Family History. On Christmas eve Daniel and I stayed around my parent's house and we played Shots Monopoly with my brother and mum. Shots Monopoly is our fun twist on the original Monopoly game- whenever anything bad happens e.g. go to jail or pay someone rent- you take a shot! First person drunk loses. On Christmas day we just spent plenty of time together and enjoyed each others company.
This was taken before Christmas, but I really like this photo of Daniel and I
Christmas Day!
I hope you have all enjoyed looking back on my year. I hope you all had a great year as well, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
Happy New Year!