Red Hot World Buffet Nottingham Review

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On 6th December 2014 I went to Nottingham with my partner, Daniel to meet his dad. We were planning on eating at Peachy Keens for lunch as we all fancied a buffet. However, Daniel's dad suggested we try a place called Red Hot World Buffet. Daniel and I had never heard of it before and love to try new things so couldn't turn down the opportunity. After our visit, I feel that the place deserves a review. 

If you didn't know it was there, you may have missed it. The entrance is tucked between two other buildings, and the restaurant itself is underground, so from the outside it really doesn't look like much. 

The decoration inside is stunningly beautiful. Each section has a theme- one is indian, one Chinese, etc. And one room is also set out to look like an aircraft hanger with a plane hanging from the ceiling. I didn't get any pictures of each room though as I was in such awe over the whole place. 

The first section you come across in the food court area is Indian, where you can help yourself to Indian sides such as Onion Bhajis, Pita Bread, Tikka coated chicken, and so much more. I am very fussy with Onion Bhajis, but these ones were the nicest I had ever tasted. 

In the middle there was a "Create Your Own" noodle section. All the noodles and other ingredients here are completely raw. You pick up a red bowl and fill it with your choice of noodle, vegetables and meats. Then you hand it to the person in the middle who will cook your noodles in front of you. However nice this may have looked, I didn't have enough room to try these noodles as I was too busy trying many other nice things. 

There was an American section where they served the nicest chicken nuggets ever, different types of chips (one of them being spicy chips which tasted incredible), and normal fries. There was also an area (which I didn't photograph) where they cook burgers fresh in front of you. Daniel stated that it was the best beef burger he has ever had, although he did have to wait 5 minutes for it to cook which can get a bit irritating at a buffet. However, it was well worth the wait and if you love burgers then you will love these. 

This is the indian stand which had a very large range of curries and many other dishes. I actually didn't try anything from the Indian section as I prefer other dishes over that so it got skipped.

This part was amazing. Hand made stonebaked pizzas. I am usually one for a deep pan, and so is Daniel, but we both adored these pizzas. I went for the Cheese and Tomato and Daniel the Pepperoni. It had a very satisfying fresh flavour that most pizzas lack (especially greasy takeaway pizzas, however nice they may be)

Next up, the carvery. I opted for this gorgeous looking Gammon, and boy was it tasty. it was soft and full of flavour. With the carvery you get to choose many sides including fresh vegetables, stuffing, roast potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, and so much more. As with everything here, you help yourself. So you can have as much meat as you like.

The last section I photographed was the Chinese stand (which isn't the last section in the buffet- there was also a dessert bar, an ice cream bar, sushi bar, and even more). I did try some chow mein noodles from here, and Daniel tried the egg fried rice. The noodles were full of flavour, and yet again it tasted very fresh, and not greasy at all.

This was my second plate of food- I couldn't resist a weird combination. Here I have: Spicy chips, noodles, chicken nuggets, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, roast gammon, and gravy. It all went together so well and everything tasted high quality. With some buffet restaurants they will use cheap ingredients as it is "help yourself", but here they have not cheapened anything. It is all fresh and fantastic quality. 

 The Jelly was the only thing I didn't like as much, but I think that was because I had already over-stuffed myself with two mains so my stomach wasn't too appreciative of dessert. 

Daniel had an Oreo chocolate sundae from the Ice Cream bar. I tried a little bit and it tasted incredible, I wish I could have managed to eat more. 

Overall I felt that this meal was well worth £11.99 each (it is cheaper during the week, and more expensive in the evenings. Check their website for a price list) . I am glad we chose to try the food there instead of eating at the other buffets in Nottingham. 
There are Red Hot Buffets located in Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, and of course Nottingham. So if you have one nearby, I strongly suggest you pay them a visit and try their fantastic foods. 

My overall rating of Red Hot World Buffet is:

I think my above review makes it self explanatory as to why I have scored it so highly. I am hoping to pay them a visit again very soon.
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