Throwback Thursday

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I love the feeling of remembering something that made me happy. That is why I am going to be doing a post every week or two of my Throwbacks. This may be a few pictures, songs, videos, or anything else that brings back memories to me. This week will be just pictures.
So we kick off the first TBT with a picture of me in the middle of a road! This was taken in 2009 in the summertime. My brother and I had gone for a walk through the countryside, when I decided I would love a picture taken of me sitting in a road. It was a country lane that not many people drive down, so don't worry, I was safe. I have loved going on walks to this place since I was younger, and when I reached my teenage years I went often with my friends or brother. It really was a special place of me and it felt magical in a way. 
This picture was taken on the same day as the one above. After walking down the road we came to another bit of countryside. I walked this same walk again recently and it has all completely changed. Parts that were covered in trees are now open landscape, and parts that were overgrown are now nicely trimmed. It's amazing to see the transformation of countryside over time, especially when you have the photographic memories to look back upon.
This photo was taken by Daniel in 2012. We had taken a day trip to Mansfield and it was the first time I had ever been there. We went into T.K. Maxx and they had a ridiculously huge selection of hats, so Daniel and I had to try many of them on, of course. Daniel chose this hat for me to wear, and it wasn't exactly the sort of thing I would normally wear as you can tell. It was very cold on this day, as it was in January, so I was wearing my Slytherin scarf which Daniel bought me. I didn't even realise I had owned the scarf that long!
This picture was taken in 2008 I believe. My friend Steph and I had decided to climb over a fence as a shortcut. The fence wasn't very high, and Steph got over it with ease. However, I have never been very nimble and so I got stuck on the fence. And as my best friend, did Steph help? Of course not! She laughed at me, and I couldn't stop laughing either, so she got her camera out and snapped this picture. I liked it so much that it became my MSN profile pic for about a year. 
My final picture is from July 2011. Daniel and I had been together just over 4 months and we had gone on our first holiday together to Skegness. This picture was taken in a park where we sat by the lake getting to know each other better. That holiday was a significant moment in our relationship, and the point where we really got to know more about each other as we'd only met about 7-10 times before that. We both had so much fun together, and really enjoyed the adventures.

I hope you have all enjoyed my first TBT! If you did, then let me know if you want me to continue doing this as a segment. It may not be viable to do every week, but I can still do more as I have so many old photos and videos that I can show you.