Favourite YouTube Videos: November 2014

10:16 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

A little while ago I decided I would do a weekly post about the videos Daniel and I have uploaded each week. I received a suggestion that I also do a monthly post about my favourite YouTube videos to share the word about other YouTubers in the community. I will share some small channel's videos, and some bigger channels. I will link channels in the names, so click on each name to visit their channel. Most of these people came from THIS lovely Facebook video sharing group.  

Firstly is Alastair! I found him in a couple of YouTube sharing groups on Facebook, and have been subscribed to his channel ever since. I really like his style. He is confident, funny, and his editing skills are very good. I hope you all like his videos as much as I do :)

I found Miaisnotmyname through Alastair. She did a collaboration video with him, which was truly wonderful, so I decided to check out her channel.  Her videos are very well made- you can tell she pays a lot of attention to her content. Here are 2 of my favourite videos:

Matty doesn't have many videos up at the moment, but his channel has only been going for 2 weeks now! He is incredibly confident and his videos are both engaging and interesting. I also found Matty in the video sharing group on Facebook. I can't wait to see what new videos Matty produces. 

Another find from the video sharing Facebook group. I generally don't watch gaming videos, but this one was very funny. Stick with it, because it gets funnier as it goes along. 

I hope you enjoy all the videos I have shared from this month. I love to discover new YouTubers, and I have to say the community of the Facebook video sharing group is amazing. Each person has to help each other with comments and tips before they can post their own videos, which means everyone in the group are helping each other out.