Day out in Birmingham- Bullring, Christmas Market, and Fun Times

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On Saturday 22nd November, my partner Daniel and I decided we would go to Birmingham for the first time ever, and visit the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market and the Bullring. I took plenty of photos, and felt they would fit in perfectly with my blog. Be warned, there are plenty of photos! I hope you enjoy seeing our day. 
The train arrived at 6:10am and in order to get to Birmingham from where I live we had to change trains. This first train was taking us to Nottingham. This took 45 minutes, then we had to wait 20 minutes for our train to Birmingham which took 1 hour 30 minutes to get there. 

Daniel on the train. He looks excited for a fun day. The man behind him however, doesn't look too pleased. 

I look a little too over-excited. I love travelling by train, and visiting new places. So it was fantastic for me. 

We both shared my iPod, and the first song we listened to was Example- Take Me as I Am, from his new album Live Life Living. 

Finally in Birmingham, and the Christmas decorations in the Bullring looked fantastic. As you can tell we arrived early, so the building was almost empty. 

We stopped off at a pretzel shop called Auntie Anne's. Neither of us like pretzels, but they sold slushies which we both love, so we got a blue slush between us. The lady serving gave us 10% discount as it wasn't quite iced up as much as it should be, but I prefer it that way. 

The Bullring is a very beautiful place. It's so big, and everything is over 3 floors. This was early so there weren't many people there yet. 

More Christmas decorations. They had put in a lot of attention to detail.

In my local town, Superdrug don't stock any Zoella Beauty products, so I had to go into the Bullring Superdrug. I got very excited when I saw their range, but disappointed that they weren't very well stocked up. I did buy the Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower cream. (Once I got home I also reviewed it HERE)

We then went into Red5, and they had a great range of Funko Pop figures. I wish I could have all of them as they are so cool. 

Daniel looks pleased.

The Selfridges food court was big, and like a maze. We got very lost in there. Especially as it blends from food court into the store. There is no escape once you go inside. We wanted to eat at Ed's Diner, but there was a 45 minute wait to get in, then you had to wait for your food. 

The Bullring from outside. It is such a strange design.

Christmas tree! Also, the church looks very green.

We found the Christmas market, after going the wrong way and getting sidetracked for over an hour. It also rained, but stopped just as we arrived at the market, which was lucky. 

The tree had icicle lights hanging from it, but you can't see them very well in this picture. The tree looks cool though, so I felt I would keep the photo in the blog.

Everything on this stall looks so yummy

This stall had the prettiest items for sale. They sold many little ornaments made of glass, like little glass cats. It was all very cute.

I found this little cutie on a stuffed animal stall. They also had owls, guinea pigs, kittens, and other cute fluffy animals.

Daniel decided he wanted a picture taken like this, then he insisted I pull the same pose. 

We found a big wheel, and were planning on going on it, but we got sidetracked and never went on. It is on our list of 'definitely next time'.

The last picture of the day will make you drool. We spent ages trying to find somewhere to eat, and eventually settled for a little chip shop just outside the city. The chips were the nicest ever. They were very soft and had so much flavour. 

After eating chips we had a quick second walk around places, before making last purchases and going home. I didn't take any photos after this point as we were both exhausted and mostly slept on the trains home.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing our little journey. If you would like to see a video account of the day, I also vlogged.

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  1. Wow, that is a huge mall! How pretty! And the church looks beautiful too! Oooh those chips DROOL!!

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