American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House (A Spoiler Free Review)

16:00 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

During my free time I enjoy watching TV shows, and having a lack of things to watch I decided I would give American Horror Story a go. 
I know I am very late to review this series as it came out in 2011, but I feel that if anyone reads this that has never seen American Horror Story, it may give them an insight into what the series is about and help them decide whether to watch it or not.
The pilot episode introduces you to the main characters as they move into a new house, and the whole series is based around this family and their life and struggle living in the house they have moved into. From the very first episode, this show is very fast paced and the storyline cleverly unravels so that you gradually gain pieces of information- and by the end you understand how it all fits together. 
I found the horror aspect of this show to be very clever because instead of using jump scares (as many cheap budget horror movies do) it uses more of a creepy/freaky horror. The type of horror that makes you want to check your closets at night, and want to turn all the lights on before wandering the house alone in the darkness. I also felt that this show has one major thing that some of the horror genre misses out on, and that is a brilliant plot. You grow to feel passionate about the characters and I find this to be very important in anything I watch. I like the sort of show that when the main character is happy, you feel happy for them. And when the main character is upset, you feel their pain. This series ticked that box perfectly. 
There are a couple of familiar faces appear in some of the episodes, and I have to say that the overall acting standard is very good. There were a few points where I felt it got a little corny, but I have seen much cornier horror shows/movies. 
This series does feature a fair amount of gore, so if you are squeamish, or someone who doesn't like horror anyway, then I wouldn't recommend you watch it. However, if you like horror, don't mind a bit of blood and gore, and enjoy an in-depth plot, then this is the show for you.   
My overall score for this show is 
4 stars out of 5
The reasons I have not awarded it a higher score are because: I feel that at the moment there are better shows out there, some scenes didn't need to be shown, as I said before- the odd part got a bit corny, and a couple of episode were not up to standard and let it down a little. Other than that, it is the best horror television show I have seen, and I would rank it better than 90% of the horror movies I have seen. 
I will be watching Season 2 of American Horror Story over the Christmas and New Year period, so I will write a review of the second series once I have seen it.
If you have any other shows you think I may enjoy, feel free to suggest away.