Competition Win Number 3

17:42 Kelly Wheelhouse 1 Comments

Since finding my passion for entering competitions I had only won 2 items (one being a book, and one being a football), and since winning the football I took a break from entering competitions for a while so I could work on other projects in my life. 
However, I have recently started entering competitions again and have already seen a small but definitely significant win, and that is a beautiful bangle from Lyla Loves. I won this bangle in a competition that was being hosted on their Facebook page where a number of people (I believe 100) could win some bangles. The products for sale on their website look very beautiful, and if the bangle is anything to go by then their products are hand-made with care and quality. 

The bangle is beaded on the outside, with a black ribbon on the inside. I love the colours of the beads, and the pattern is very pretty.
I don't wear bangles often, and unfortunately this one doesn't suit me and I don't like the feel of it when I wear it. However, it will make a wonderful decoration in my home and I do wish that I could pull off wearing it. 
Looking through the website, the items they sell are very cheap and definitely affordable. I will be making a purchase at some point in the future.
Thank you Lyla Loves.


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