Competition Win #4: Colgate ProClinical C350

18:00 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

Today in my mail I received my 4th competition win- a Colgate ProClinical C350 Toothbrush.
The competition was for the chance to review Colgate's new toothbrush, and I entered through their official website. 
On first glance the toothbrush doesn't look much bigger than any non-electrical model, which really surprises me as when I had an electric brush last (about 10 years ago) they were very large and bulky, and 90% took AA batteries. This model is rechargeable, although it comes with only a Type C plug, so if you do not have a type C socket around the house you will have to purchase a converter.  

Some information from the box
Inside the box there is one handle with a toothbrush head, one charger, and a brush head stand.

The brush doesn't need plugging into the stand, it just sits inside the hole to charge

Overall, my first impressions of this toothbrush are very good. It feels very powerful and I cannot wait to try it out. I have 10 days to trial it before I have to post a review on Colgate's reviews page. As I don't normally use electric toothbrushes it will be a good test for me to compare it to a non-electric and hopefully I can base my review upon that comparison.
I would like to thank Colgate for giving me the opportunity to review their product.