Compton Valance The Most Powerful Boy in the Universe Book Review

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I recently received a book called Compton Valance: The Most Powerful Boy in the Universe in my Mega Box of Awesome, and after reading the blurb of the book I decided it looked interesting so I would give it a read. 
This book is aimed primarily at kids, but I am 21 years old and have absolutely loved every second of reading it. 
The main plot is about a boy called Compton, who leaves a cheese and pickled egg sandwich in his lunchbox for thirteen weeks, and after this time he finds that the sandwich has turned into a time machine. He learns the important lesson that tiny changes in the past can make large changes in the future (or present- I'm not sure which it would be classed as). 
When I started reading the book, the first things that stood out to me were the amazing illustrations. Some of the words are shown with images, and it makes the book so much fun to read. The story is unique (I know time travel stories have been around for years, but what I mean is that this one is completely different to the rest. Have you ever heard of a story where you travel through time with a thirteen week old sandwich?). I also love the twists and turns throughout the story. It makes you think hard about what is reality- and what never happened due to the effects of time travel.
One very important thing for me when reading a book is whether I like the characters. If I do not like them, then I don't feel a connection with them, and in turn I do not care about what is happening to them. This book easily ticks the box for likeable main characters. I absolutely love Compton, he seems like a cool kid, and the way the book is written makes you care about him, his friends, his family, and what is happening to his life.
Matt Brown must have a very vivid imagination to be able to write something as creative as this. He keeps you hooked with the ingenious plot line and loveable characters.
By the end of the book you will be begging for more.
I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out in October 2014.
If you would like to read the first chapter before you purchase the book you can HERE
Also, visit THIS page if you wish to buy this book (I would 100% suggest you buy it. It is one of the most awesome books I have ever read)

I would give this book a sturdy 10/10
I hope you all have a great summer holiday, and read plenty of books.

Kelly x

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