Day Out In Nottingham

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Nottingham has been my favourite city for the past 3 or 4 years. I have visited it countless numbers of times and never get bored of the atmosphere. This weekend Daniel and I decided it was past due time to visit our favourite city, and so we headed on a train to spend a day there. 
The first thing I did once I got on the train was listen to Example's new album, Live Life Living, which is my favourite album at the moment.
My iPod is so small
Once we got off the train we headed straight into the city. It was early, so not all shops were open at this time, but we enjoyed seeing the sights of the fresh summers morning. 
The Canal on an early summers morning
The Broadmarsh centre was our first stop, where I had a bite to eat, and we went into a couple of shops that had opened. We also looked at the vendors stalls where I bought myself a new Loom kit so I can make more complex designs for AspectReviews YouTube channel. 
Daniel and I then treated ourselves to an iced frappe each to help us wake up a bit (I only had 5 hours sleep the night before so I was fairly exhausted)
Caramel & Mocha Frappes

We went in one of my favourite shops ever, Forbidden Planet. I could have quite easily bought everything in there if I had the money for it. 
I was so happy to see that they had a much larger range of Funko Pop figures as I have wanted to collect them for a while. I bought a Daenerys Targaryen a while ago and have wanted more of the Game of Thrones set. Daniel cheekily bought me Hodor. 
I love my Hodor.
The next shop we went into was some kind of Chinese food store, which sold some of the most adorable looking foods. Out of all the amazing foreign foods, I decided to buy myself a Mr Freeze. The blue ones are my favourite, but I haven't seen them in years. When I saw one for only 15p I couldn't refuse, especially on a hot day. 
Taking a picture of a Mr Freeze in the middle of a tram track is probably not advisable

There wasn't much going on in the Market Square
After spending time shopping in the city centre, we met up with Daniel's dad and got onto a bus to Toys R Us. We found so many amazing things to buy for our reviews channel, and spent way more than we had budgeted. Isn't that all the fun of shopping though? 
When we got off the bus to Toys R us we noticed a pub which sold food and decided we would go  there for dinner as we had never eaten there before. This pub was called Farmhouse Inns Pub Dining & Carvery. We all thought the carvery looked nice, but opted for a pub meal. 
Farmhouse Inns sells both Pub meals and Carvery
Daniel's dad and I decided we would go for the Sausage and Mash meal, whilst Daniel opted for the Beef & Ale Pie. 
I didn't get a photo of Daniels meal, but all the portion sizes were absolutely huge. None of us managed to eat everything on our plates unfortunately, but the food was absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area. The food at first may seem a little pricey with the Pie being £7.75 and the Sausage & Mash being £8.95, but it is worth every penny. 
Giant Yorkshire pudding filled with three Suffolk pork sausages, homemade mash,
carrots, peas, crispy red onions and gravy

After dinner we all waddled back into the city where Daniel and I did some last minute shopping (Mostly for more Loom Bands) before we bought another refreshment each from McDonalds and headed for the train home.
Our train home

Me on the train home, listening to music again. 
Overall, I had an absolutely amazing day. I love summer days so much, and that was the nicest, happiest day out I have had in a long time. To me, Nottingham is a truly magical city, and I really love spending time there. They have the best shops to buy things for reviewing, great transport, (mostly) friendly people, great eating establishments, and a lovely atmosphere.
I hope you have all had a good weekend too.
Kelly x