Competition Win of the Week

17:08 Kelly Wheelhouse 0 Comments

This week I have won another item, and this one was very much a surprise to me. 
I had entered a competition a couple of weeks ago to win a Moy Park Limited Edition World Cup Football. I didn't think I had won this item, as the competition ended and I hadn't been contacted at all by the company. 
The other day I got a parcel delivered which turned out to be a football. I was so delighted to receive this surprise win. 
The competition I entered was through Moy Park's own website, but since the world cup has finished I think the competition page has been taken down. 

The first thing that it came with was a leaflet that says "You're A Winner" on one side, and has their social media information on the other side- and instructions with how to inflate the ball.
The football arrived with no air inside it, but it also came with a free pump so you can pump it up yourself. This is great for me because I was only talking about getting a new football the day before because ours was deflating- now we have just pumped it up with the free pump. So even if the football isn't very good, we have a pump to keep our other ball in good order. 

The image on the right is of the football once it had been inflated. It was extremely easy to inflate, and only took a minute and a half. 
I have not used the ball in play yet, but it seems sturdy and I feel that it will last well. 
I also love the colours and patterns (mainly the blue patterns). It gives a unique and quirky feel. 
The only thing I have to fault with the ball is that once inflated, it has a few creases due to it being packed in a box. These will hopefully go away after it has been pumped up for a while and played with. 

Thank you very much Moy Park for surprising me with this awesome football.

Kelly x