Box of Awesome 9 Unboxing

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Yesterday (Friday 18th July 2014) I received my Mega Box of Awesome 9.
I have been subscribed to Box of Awesome for a while now, and have been lucky enough to have every box that has been released since Box 4. I feel that over the time since the first box I received, they have improved on their services, competitions, and the items contained within. 
For some reason this time around, I was awarded with a Mega Box of Awesome, which  you usually have to pay £4.99 per box. There is also a free version of the Box of Awesome, which usually contains less- but it's free. Who can moan at that? 

The Mega Box of Awesome is slightly larger than the free version.
All boxes are delivered to your door by Royal Mail 2nd Class
A quick peek at what the box contains
This time around they have included some Where's Wally goodies which is great as I absolutely love the Wally books. 
So now we will have a closer look at what was inside my box. 
The first things I came to were Haribo- These are the Easter edition mini bags that retail at 10p each. They were extremely tasty, and I would love to see more Haribo in future boxes.

The next item is a Where's Wally mini cutout. I couldn't find this anywhere online to find out how much it retails for, but I am guessing it would be about £1. The card is very thick and sturdy, and this will make a great feature for my YouTube office. 

I love the stickers with the Box of Awesome logo on them. They are great for kids to stick to their workbooks, folders, and anything else for that matter. Unfortunately, I always lose my stickers. I will have to keep hold of this one.

This is part of the leaflet that comes enclosed with the box. Daniel and I have entered their competition before with our AspectReviews YouTube channel- and 2 boxes ago we won the iPad for most viewed video. However, this time around they seem to have taken our advice and changed the competition to be that a "random entrant will win the iPad Mini". This is a much better way for them to perform the competition, as it seems that people were so easily getting away with faking their views. The only thing I would suggest (Which I suggested in THIS video) is that the BoA team film a video for YouTube of them picking the winner out of a hat. 

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I had never heard of Compton Valance before, so I wasn't sure what to think when I saw this in my Box. I love the bright colours on the cover, but the image of the sandwich doesn't look too appealing. I have not yet read this book, but after reading the blurb and it sounds funny, witty and interesting. This book retails at £5.99

I am not at all a football fan, and so there isn't much to be said about the Match Attax. These are the England 2014 edition, and the cards inside were of a very good quality. A pack usually retails at £1 for 10 cards, but this was a promotional pack of 5 cards, so I will class that as 50p. 

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Next we have more Wally. This book is the mini edition of The Fantastic Journey, and because it is so small it comes with a free magnifying lens. I already have this book in the larger edition, but this copy may end up being kept in my bag for long trips. This book retails for £3.99, but you can buy it on Amazon for £2.81 delivered to your door. 

Oh golly, more Wally. I can't remember which book this scene is from, but this one took me the longest to find him. The scene is called "The Cake Factory", and I really love the colour scheme. This poster will look really nice on my YouTube office wall, with the cardboard cut-out sitting nearby. Yet again I cannot find a retail price for this, but most posters of this size are usually around £3.99

Now we get to something that is very boring to me. I do not like wrestling at all, and so have no interest in collecting the stickers. I am not sure if children these days are into WWE, so I cannot say what interest these would be to someone younger. I am going to have to guess the retail yet again, but I would presume these would be worth about £1

The last thing in my box (other than promotional material) are these sheets of Transformers: Age of Extinction Topps cards. I have never seen Topps cards on a sheet like this. It made them look tacky when they were removed as they did not have a smooth finish to the edges. Also, the two sheets I got were exactly the same. That leaves these as the second most disappointing thing in the box after the WWE stickers, but disliking 2 things out of the whole box isn't exactly bad. These retail at £1 for a pack of 8 cards, with this you only get 5 cards (and one centre piece which explains the game), so the retail of 5 cards is approximately 60p.

Now you have seen everything I got in my box, it is time to see how much money all of this is worth in retail value. 
Don't forget this box usually costs £4.99
And the full retail value of all this is...

I really enjoy receiving the boxes of Awesome, and the boxes of OMG and the company is great. They are friendly, and have wonderful customer service. Any problems, just contact them and they will help. I would suggest if you have some money to spare each month that you subscribe to Box of Awesome, as they are totally worth the money. The free versions are also great for people who don't have (or don't want to spend) the money. 
If you haven't already, sign up to Box of Awesome HERE and start getting these awesome boxes now.
Daniel and I also did an unboxing video of 2 mega Boxes of Awesome, and opened up everything inside. So if you want a closer look, head over to AspectReviews YouTube channel and watch the video now.